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not eating

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I have a healthy 6-year-old cat. I've been feeding him Science Diet (dry) since he was 2, and he seems to love it. About a week ago, he stopped eating, except for a few nibbles here and there. I think I know the problem. My boyfriend has been giving him those "treats" that come in little bags. The cat goes nuts over them, and now won't eat anything but these treats, which I'm sure are not very good for him. We've stopped giving him the treats and are hoping he'll start eating again. Is he just being spoiled, or is there something in those treats that I should be concerned about?
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Hi Miriam and welcome to the forums!

If he hasn't eaten anything in a week, you really should get him to the vet. Not eating anything for so long can damage the liver and kidneys - especially if he was overweight before.

The vet should also check to see if the lack of apetite has medical reasons.

Let us know how he's doing!
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