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I had my annual exam yesterday @ the ob/gyn. My doctor is really nice. She asked me how I am and how i like the depo shot. I told her lately I haven't been liking it, especially after I got weighed She asked me what I'd like to try & I said I didn't want the pill. She suggested the patch, which you put on for 3 weeks & then you keep it off one week during which you have your monthy cycle. I don't think I'd like that idea. There is a new IUD called Merena, and it stays inside for 5 years, but you can have the dr. remove it anytime. She said since I haven't had a full-term baby yet, and since she's known me for a long time & knows I'm in a monogumous relationship, she's be willing to put that in. Does anyone know anybody who has had this put in yet?
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I haven't heard of it. But, it sounds like a good option. I think its good that you can get it taken out whenever, so if you want to have a baby, you don't have to wait 5 years.
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My aunt got the same IUD and got a nasty infection. It just might have been her - but I would ask about infection possiblities.
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I'll call again and see if I can talk to her. I read the pamplet and they said women who are prone to pelvic infections are advised not to get the IUD because of possibly becoming infertile. I've never had one.
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IUD's can have a higher risk of infection.

Also, not to scare you in any way, but be sure you are comfortable w/ the procedure of how they insert it. When I was contemplating it, I decided against it because they do it right in the office with only a topical numbing agent. I had heard it was quite painful and I ended up chickening out! I know they have to dilate you to get it in, which if you are sensitive in that "area" could cause you some discomfort.
Just be sure you are aware of all the details before making a final decision.
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Ya, the doctor told me you cramp up a lot, as if you are having a kid....... I'm not too keen on feeling that type of pain YET. She said they numb you, but still.....
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Tigger, I had a "procedure" done that involves the same idea as inserting an IUD ( I had a colposcopy done ), and I found it very uncomfortable. Now ,I have had 2 children, and the pain is nothing like that. But it is a discomfort that you should be aware of if you decide to do it.
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Got an IUD, in 1979. The procedure WAS uncomfortable but, not unbearable. NOT nearly as bad as childbirth. Something small, going in doesn't seem to be as bad as something large, coming out. However, I DID get pregnant, with it in (the first month) and had a miscarriage, before I even knew I was. After the D & C, the doctor tried to talk me into another IUD. Yeah, right! Research this very well, before you do it. There is an infection risk, because of the strings.
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Tigger, I don't use that method nor does anyone I know but after reading your post I remembered seeing a few articles on ivillage about IUDs.

Here's the link if you'd like to read a little bit on the subject.IUD
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I am personally uncomfortable with the IUD because it allows fertilization to occur, but I HATE all the other options out there. there is a new method, called the Nuva Ring, coming out this year that I intend to use. It is a rubber ring that has hormones that circulate throughout your body like the pill, but you place it is for 3 weeks, take it out for one, and replace with a new one for 3 weeks, and so on. It seems so easy & they claim there is no wrong way to insert. Anyway, I cannot wait for it to be introduced this year.
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My doctor told me about that one, too.... The patch thing is similar, too. I guess on the 3rd week you take it off so you can have your period... The only thing is what if you don't get your period? Like me... I'm on the depo and haven't had one in over 2 years.
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I think Lunelle is almost the same thing as the Depo shot, isn't it???
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I have heard that Norplant is good. The implant in your arm the drugs that last for many months at a time. No fuss, no worries about forgeting to take anything
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