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Miss Kitty Is A Mother!

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Last Night at about 11:00p.m., Miss Kitty crawled under my blanket and screamed. It was time, and Miss Kitty did not enjoy giving birth. The first one caused her a lot of pain. #1 was grey with white feet and a white mustache, very cute. #2 Was very large and Miss Kitty took a while to get it out. #3 just slid out very easily. #2 and #3 are almost identical, white with a grey back and head. I waited for a long time to see if there were anymore, but she didn't seem to be having contractions so, I put her and the kittens into a box and left them to rest. About a half an hour later I came in to bring her some food, she was in the box bathing #4, unfortunately #4 was already dead. I don't know what happened I guess she had trouble getting her out because like #2 she was pretty big compared to #1 and #3.

Just wanted to keep everyone posted on Miss Kitty and the new babies. I guess I'm Daddyof9 now.
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Congratulations on the new arrivals! They sound adorable. That's really too bad about #4. Nature has a way of making sure that momma is only given as many as she can take care of. I'm glad Miss Kitty and her babies are doing OK otherwise!
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: Hey! Lets throw a Birthday party! wahoo....all babies...
Did she actually give birth in your bed?

Poor #4 now she is a guardian:angel2: to watch over her brothers and sisters!

Enjoy the new family!
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Congratulations to you and Miss Kitty on the new arrivals! Would LOVE to see some pics!
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I'm so happy and so sad for you-at the same time. New life is such a miracle; it's amazing to see! I feel bad about the dead kitten. The important thing is that Miss Kitty and her 3 babies are ok. Make sure Miss Kitty gets a high quality diet with lots of fluid. Congratulations!
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Congratulations, Daddyof9!

I am moving your thread into the Lounge so it gets lots and lots of visits!
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I hope all goes well with the 3 little ones and I'm sorry about number 4. Remember to keep Miss Kitty and her babies away from everyone else because male cats will kill baby kittens.

Just a little warning, as soon as the kittens are weened mom will go into another heat very soon.

It's great having you hear, welcome to the site. Keep us posted on the little bundles of joy and Miss Kittly! We just love hearing about little baby kittens!
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congratulations on 3 healthy kitty-babies!

I'm sorry about #4, but you know, we think about it more than mamacat Miss Kitty does. She'll be fine and the others will be wonderful, I'm sure!
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Baby kittens are sooo cute, if it's possible we would love to see some pictures!!!
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Of course, she did not enjoy giving birth! NO female enjoys it. Its a wonder that those of us, with a choice, do it more than once. Anyway, congrats, on the new babies and get Mama fixed ASAP. Do you want to put her through this, again?
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Dear Daddy of 9. This is wonderful news and I am thankful that Miss Kitty and the three are doing well. My heart goes out to you regarding # 4. She has a special place at the Bridge.
+ :angel2:
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Congrads on the new arrivals and so sorry about the one that passed. Keep us posted on their progress and pictures if you can.
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Congrats on the new kittens! I'm sorry to hear that one didn't make it. Let us know how mom and babies are doing.
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Everyone seems to be doing fine today. I bought Miss Kitty some Kitten Chow this afternoon. (I know I should have started her on it during her last week of pregnancy, but I'm a little late). Miss Kitty and the babies are safely tucked away in a box right beside me in the computer room. The boys are ruling the roost of the rest of the house. I would hate for the boys to do something so terrible to the babies. I was very upset about the loss of #4, she was beautiful and I hope there was nothing I could have done to prevent the loss of her, I feel bad enough not being in the room when she was born. I named her Duchess (she did look like royalty) and burried her in my back yard.:angel2: I also bought her some flowers for her grave.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and well wishes. Miss Kitty and the babies appreciate the thought.
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That was a very tender thing to do.

I'm all sniffly now.
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It touches me to know that a young man is so sensitive and thoughtful. I know how hard it is to lose a newborn animal. One would think that there is no chance for bonding, but every loss diminishes us. We all wanted the all the babies to be born healthy. I'm sure you'll give them the best of care.
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