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Caramel? Toffee? They go with his colour.
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if you can't decide, you can make a poll of your favorites, & we can all vote. that's how i decided on Java's name: Help me name a new cat
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He's so precious and adorable even if he does look sad right now. Now don't laugh, but I think Sweetie is a good name for such a cute little guy!
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I like the suggestion of Andy or maybe Timmy?
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Ok, poll thread done. Please go vote guys! Thanks heaps for all your help.

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Originally Posted by Emma79
Yeah, I had Leo suggested to me on the beanie babies forum I am a member of.........my best friend said she thinks he looks like a Samuel, Sammy for short! I also thought Aslan could be nice, but there isn't any real way to shorten that down. He'd just be "Aslan" lol
I like the name Samuel for this cat. You could call him Sam. I had a cat like him once and he was an outside stray. We called him "Shopcat" because he stayed out back near my hubby's shop and kept him company while he was out there doing things. He developed some problems and I had to take him to the vet. When asked what his name was there, I hated to say Shopcat, so I quickly said Samuel and that he was he became known as. I vote for Samuel as a name for your kitty.
By the way, he is beautiful. Congratulations.
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He totally looks like a Tiger. He's sooooooooooo cute.
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