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4 kids, 4 cats and now 1 dog!

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We got a puppy a week ago!

He is a 13 week old Golden Retriever named Dakota. We call him Cody and he is the cutest thing ever. The cats don't know what to think of him. Zeke and Jesse James like to play tag with him. Riley thinks he is okay IF he is sleeping and Savannah thinks he is an alien.

He thinks they are little dogs and new friends to play with.

He acts like a cat! He jumps for the cat feathers like the cats do. He sits on his hind legs and reaches for the feather like Savannah. (That cat has BALANCE like I have never seen before!) He is so darn cute.

The kids (ages 15,14,12,11) didn't know they were getting a dog. They acted like they won the lottery when they saw him for the first time. They wanted a dog so badly.

We were trying to be "puppy raisers" for guide dogs, but it seemed like there was no end in sight. We went to classes for months. The kids fell in love with a Golden in training. I have had a Golden before and LOVE the breed so we decided to go ahead and get a family dog. I still think we will be puppy raisers some day, but it must not have been the right time for us. Maybe next year.

I guess I need a new signature now. He is such a sweet boy.

I called my Mom the day we got him.

I said "You have a new Grandson. He has big paws and big floppy ears!".

She said " You GOT A BUNNY! Bunnies smell. Are you crazy!".

I told her to relax. It's a dog! She loves him too. This puppy is spoiled already.

Life is good

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Originally Posted by 4kids4cats
Savannah thinks he is an alien.
you should post pics
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Yay! Who doesn't love goldens? Well if you werent busy before with 4 cats, 4 kids, you will be now!
Good on you for being puppy raisers. I'm sure having the experience with Dakota will make you better raisers when the time comes.
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That is a sweet story. I loved reading how excited your kids were - what a GREAT surprise. Every kid should have a surprise like that.

And... LOL at your mom and the bunny thing!

Looking forward to some puppy pics I can smell puppy breath already
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Good luck.......Goldens are CRAZY in the "beggining" years..............
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