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1 kitten???

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Today around 5pm I could notice my cat pacing around....I could just sense something wasnt right...So then I noticed contractions/pushing in her rear, she was doing all of this in front of the whole family in the middle of the living room, which I found to be odd. So a few yells came out and boom she ran into my sons room, she was under his dresser, and I went in there thinking we still had time to get her atleast anywhere else but a 6 yr olds room!!, All I kept thinking was my son messing with the kittens all day, everyday..So I bent down to call her, being that she wanted rubbed for the last hour I didnt think it would be a problem. So she peeked her head out, one more yell, then she sprinted out of the room, before I could even turn around she was at the door making a turn. Anyways, the baby dropped out of her before she made the bend. A LITTLE BLACK KITTEN! So I ran to the kitten(gender still unknown) and my boyfriend did what was necessary, cleaned him off and stimulated, etc...."he" started crying and I knew we were good, atleast for now. But we had no idea where momma went, a hunch told me under my bed..So I put him in his box, and 3 minutes later she came out and crawled right in, and did her motherly duties....
We checked under the bed and nothing, and it was only maybe 5 minutes apart anyway....
So after this big long story my question it really only 1?
She had "him" at 630pm, its now 1030pm...
No signs of pain or contractions AT ALL. No discharge either...
She came out and wanted to be with me for 20 minutes maybe, and while I was petting I noticed wavy stuff going up her back, but it was only when I petted and when my hand almost hit around her tail...
But other then that nothing, except that I find it wierd she came out here with that calling/wanted to be near me stuff...
I dont know if her ritual will be to do the same events over again, or not...
Anyone with some advice please let me know., sorry this is so long
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By the way, for those who dont know my story, I posted earlier in Feb, and just this week...
Just 2 days ago I was considering the pregnancy being my imagination, only because I couldnt feel any movements...So is 1 kitten why?
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Our one rex (before she was spayed) had three litters - the last one, she only had one kitten (tho she looked to be carrying more). So its possible there is only one - she could have absorbed kittens when first pregnant.

You need to confine her to one room so she cannot be running around like that. Lily's last kitten didn't survive - she would not stay in her cage and nurse him - tried to bring the kitten to me all the time - and then would just leave even when the little one cried out. She would come and stay about 5 seconds and then get up and leave.

I tried to bottle feed but he refused to take the bottle. Sometimes nature knows best - there was something wrong with him and she knew it.
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When my cat had her first litter she went 8 hours between her first 2 kittens and the last 3 so a break is not unheard of. I called the vet and they said as long as there are no contractions or pushing and she seems relaxed she could go up to 24 hours between births. There may have only been one but she could be taking a break.
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You don'r mention the placenta? Did she expel it OK because if not then there is cause to worry. But if that is OK, then it is entirely possible that she only has one kitten.
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I think she did only because while i had the kitten, my boyfriend was looking for her, and he said "she is under your bed, she had another one, sounds like she is "eating/licking" and my only comment was "stupid, that was probably the placenta"
when she finally came down to meet the kitten, she was all relaxed like she hadnt even gone through anything, we checked the hole in the box spring and no kitten, so of course I felt I was right....
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Good, well it seems that all has gone well and there is just the one. Good luck with the little new one.
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One kitten is not usual but definitely possible. If she hasn't had more within 24 hours or so, it would be wise to take her to the vet for x-rays to make sure there is nothing else in there. And of course, if she seems to be in distress than take her to the emergency vet right away.
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so was there only one I got confused?
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Yes, only 1, which has me confused!!!
My whole thing is, before delivery I wasnt able to feel movement, so to have 1 kitten alive is a blessing, yet I still seem to believe it is impossible, though I know its not...
The way that the kitten was delivered was alittle rough, Painful, plus scaring her to death...And of course my son running to see what was going on...
So after reading several articles, I was wondering if maybe she stopped her labor since it hurt, plus she really didnt have the proper privacy, her doing and ours...
Like I said she ran under my sons dresser for maybe 3 minutes then ran back out, and the kitten dropped...So i think that last urge to push was alot for her...
I have been waiting for a second labor to start, but I dont see it starting
she is in no pain, atleast not that I can see, The only thing I am noticing is her walking around.More then I would think after having a baby, she does her motherly duties, but almost the minute the kittys fed and asleep, she walks around...
No contractions, eating well..
So to answer your question yes, 1 kitten...atleast I think
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Pacing is not a normal sign...not alarming, but not normal either. It is good that she is taking care of her kitten, of course, but she should want to be with him constantly, especially if this is her first litter.

If there are no more kittens by morning and she is still restless, she should go to the vet for x-rays. Then you will know if there are any more kittens in there.

You will want to keep a heat source with the one kitten especially since Mom isn't with him all the time. Newborn kittens cannot regulate their own body temperatures and are prone to chilling. The easiest heat source is an old sock (a men's tube sock is best, but any sock will do) filled with dry rice and heated in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. Tuck this in near him so he can snuggle up to it if he is cold or move away from it if he gets too warm. The rice sock will stay warm for a couple of hours, then you can just toss it in the microwave again.
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Just to let everyone know, I took squiggles to the vet today...
Growing more worried, either the placenta or more babies were still inside of her. Well what I never would have guess was...Poop!!!
The whole way thru her tract, to the point her stomach wasnt emptying, and she couldnt have taken another bite, the vet was suprised she wasnt vomiting.
I cant believe as many times as I cleaned the litter box, for cleanliness and making sure she didnt pass anything in there, that I didnt even notice there was no bowel movements in there!
He thought it was a baby too, till the xray...then it was confirmed what it was.
So a laxative wouldnt have done anything because it wouldnt have even reached her tummy, he had to give her an edema...
So for an hour I sat with the baby, while poor squiggles was letting loose...
I noticed a 100%difference in her though, so Im so happy
All that pacing, and "non-motherly" duties were because she was so full and such she couldnt even lay with the baby...
Shes been wonderful since we got home, all cleaned up now of course...
So just 1 baby after all, and a little healthy WELL FED baby boy...
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Oh bless her little heart! I know she had to be horribly uncomfortable what with not only having a baby but also being so blocked up like that! I am glad she is feeling better now - congrats on the little one! So she is attending to her baby now, no more pacing about?
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She hasnt left that nest in the 2 hours or so we've been home...
the kitten was climbing up and out before, and would end up on the floor, and she would just leave him there...and keep walking!!
Well when we got home, i put another blanket on the floor and put the kitten on it, so that I could take the bedding out of the box, being that it was wet and stinky from the vets..i wanted to use the same one since it works great, so i thought she doesnt care what i do with the baby, ..i'll wash it and stick it back in, then put the baby back..
Well as soon as I sat down, she came and jumped on my lap all brighteyed and meowed until i got up.
I put the "temporary blanket, and baby in the box, and she jumped right in with a "thanks for helping meow" and been there ever since..
She will budge the baby, but cant actually pick him up and move him..So she appreciated my help..
Only concern now is the placenta, and the vet said by now, she should be ok, that she probably did eat it, when she dropped the baby and ran..
With the 100% turn-around in her behavior , I'm not gonna worry unless something seems wrong
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Originally Posted by alliread
Only concern now is the placenta, and the vet said by now, she should be ok, that she probably did eat it, when she dropped the baby and ran..
If she washed that baby and broke the sac, cut the cord, etc., it is highly likely that she also ate the placenta.

Originally Posted by alliread
With the 100% turn-around in her behavior , I'm not gonna worry unless something seems wrong
That is the best plan I have heard all day! *grin*
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She is being a wonderful mommy now, the warmth of the kitty was an issue to, but she's been in there, so I think we are good.
And the vet gave me a little water bottle pouch type of thing to stick under the blanket...
I am using it just because its nice and both momma and kitty like it, they both like to hug on it, so that part is gonna be takin care of too..
The warming I can handle, and she's doing a wonderful job feeding, even when she was in pain
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Thats why I am so confused, when she jetted out of the dresser, by the time my eyes fixated on her, all I saw was a dropping kitten as she ran, so where it dropped from is unknown, (mouth, her bottom) but when I picked the baby up there was a cord about an inch or so...
And there was a blood drip back to my bed where she ran to...
So my guess is that it might have broke on its own, being that once reunited, she titied his belly up better...
But I am hoping it fell out right as she got to my bed, and ate it, because like I said she was licking and sucking under there for a few minutes before she came out to meet her baby
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All that is such good news - I am so pleased that she is better and your mind can be at rest! Now you can both enjoy having a kitten.
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Kudo's to you for taking the kitty to the vet! Poor girl, I'll bet that delivery while so backed up was very uncomfortable! I am just so impressed that she went to the vet...what a difference you have made in her being able to be a good mommy to her new baby!

P.S. Post pics when you can, and let us know when you name the new little one!
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