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Kitten Season

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Just sitting here this morning thinking about Goldie (again) and her babes. Then I reviewed in my mind about reading all the posts from other cats owners who have had babies recently. Our kittens born to us who care are the fortunate ones, as we will all do our best to get good homes and medical care for the babes as well as the mothers. Most of these babes have come to us under less than great circumstances and will now have a human to care for them.

But - about the ones who are born to the cold, abuse and mistreatment, let alone the loneliness of this world.......my heart aches for them.

Let's remember to get our animals spayed and neutered!

Make those appointments NOW! ~ I have........
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Good reminder Debra.

I'm saving the money up to get Ophelia spayed. She is an indoor only kitty with no desire to ever go out the door living with an altered male, so there isn't much chance of her getting pregnant, but I know it is important for her health as well as to insure that she doesn't ever have the chance.
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bumping this

Blackie is neutered and Sparky doesn't go out, but I'm having a hard time Fred in and I haven't the money yet to get him neutered (saving up for it, but it takes time). So far he hasn't left the yard - I can see him under the bushes and I could get him out if it wasn't prickly holly - but I have been extra vigilant about keeping him indoors.

I firmly believe in spaying and neutering, so as soon as I can I'm getting him done. Unless you're a breeder, it's best for everyone.
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I've been thinking about adopting another cat for some time now, but I'm having a hard time making a definite decision because of Snowball's age, he'll be eleven in September. There's so many cats who need good homes but I won't adopt until I am really sure I can make a lifetime commitment to another cat.

Recently I talked to someone at my veterinary clinic about this (but not a vet). They did say that a male cat Snowball's age might not be patient enough with a young kitten, they recommended getting a slightly older cat instead. So now I'm thinking about either looking for a cat who is about 1 year old, or finding 2 young kittens who are littermates and can play together.
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I had a rough time last summer dealing with all the unwanted litters of kittens being dumped off to be euthanised at my Vets office, so I want to jump on the Spay/Neuter bandwagon as well.

Its heartbreaking to know that while I did rescure three kittens from being put down , I couldn't save them all. I have a houseful of cats, and kitten season is beginning again- I'm already dreading it because I don't think I'll be able to save any more. My heart is big enough, but my house isn't and my pockets aren't bottomless

Please, everyone- Spay or neuter your pets! There are so many cats dying in animal shelters each day that won't get the chance at the love they deserve because someone allowed one more unwanted pregnancy to happen.
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I think that there are people who don't know that most of these kittens belong to feral mothers that bred before Cat Site members befriended them, and think they we are allowing our DSH cats to breed indiscriminately. That is certainly not the case. I know young couple personally who have quit the site because people objected to their breeding a litter of purebreds. These cats do not make up feral colonies. No one wanders an expensive animal-sad, but true! They sell it. I would not have given up any of my cats, purebred or domestic!
Nevertheless, we appreciate the miracle of life, and if we didn't love kittens and cats, (and who can resist a kitten?) we would not be on this site. In the Pittsburgh area Valentine's day and other such occasions are the only time the demand meets the supply of kittens turned in to shelters, so the vast majority of adults are put to sleep. Adult cats are much more likely to die without being placed. (I researched the subject for a speech)
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We had to have our babies spayed and neutered before the Humane Society would let us take them home. Even if they didn't require it, we would have done it asap. We didn't want them to have kittens that we couldn't find homes for. Its just better that way for the cats and they are happier.
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This is a good thing to remember! Thanks for the post, Debra!

i have two that were too young to be neutered last summer, that are going to have to go in to the vets soon!
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