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nighty night

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I've been having trouble falling asleep lately......probably because all I do is lay around most of the day...........it's week 5 of my 6 week time off from work from the hysto. I'm starting to do more now because I feel better. Do you guys have anything that you might do to help you fall asleep?
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Sleepy Time tea, or hot cocoa with a little Bailey's in it.
When all else fails though, I go to the health food store and get a bottle of valerian root capsules.
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When I really have a lot of trouble getting to sleep, I take a hot bath (classic but it works for me)...., maybe have some tea or just a glass of water, wear my most comfy pj's & slippers, tune the radio to a relaxing station and try to sleep. If I still can't, I read for awhile till I get tired. If I don't have time for any of that, just some tea while reading the newspaper with the radio on relaxing music usually works.

Also, turkey & milk both have something about them that naturally makes you sleepy. Sometimes I do that too.

If I know I'll have trouble getting to sleep that night before I change into pajamas and shower and everything, I take my dog for a long walk or run - something like that. I feel really good after, and I don't feel tired right after, but by nighttime it makes you more sleepy.........
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Reading or watching a movie while laying in bed or on the couch with a fuzzy blanket always works for me!

Or when its raining out (like tonight) I'll leave the window open just a little, just enough to hear the rain, puts me out, like a light!
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Turkey contains tryptophan, which is what makes you sleepy.

Read any college textbook - those always managed to put me to sleep.
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Sleepytime or Tension Tamer tea for me too! Works like a charm! Only drink 1/2 a cup though or you'll be awake later in the night for, you know...
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I have a glass of wine and I play Poppit on www.pogo.com until I can't keep my eyes open. Or just turn the TV off and lay in bed. Even bad movies keep me awake

A warm bath works well too.

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Thanks for all the suggestions guys......
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One thing that works for me is lavender oil. Put some on a tissue/hankie/cotton pad and put it inside your pillow case. Works straight away for me!
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I very rarely have the problem of not being able to sleep but at the minute with everything thats going on, I'm struggling to get to sleep and stay asleep, and then by the time it's getting up time I am having such a great sleep I don't want to move...typical!
I usually just lie there until my body can't take it anymore. Or I'll get up and go on the internet because the screen usually makes my eyes sleepy.
I remember when I had Glandula fever and was really ill. I slept all day and at night I couldn't shut my eyes. I felt like I was the only person in the world who was awake at that time. I used to get up and bang about because I was so annoyed with feeling so ill and that everyone else could sleep. I know it was selfish but you start to go slightly insane if you can't sleep, well I did anyway
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