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Antibiotic Cocktails

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I am recovering from a flareup of diverticulitis. I was prescribed Flagyl and Cipro, totalling 2500 mg. daily for 10 days. I have 2 days left of this medicine. I am interested in knowing if any of you have been treated for any sickness with a combination of antibiotics like this. I have been so sick with many bad side effects from this medicine. I have been totally unable to do anything except live on the living room sofa for the last 8 days and I have 2 more left. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
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Oh that's stinky. I hope you feel better soon! (sorry, I don't think I've ever had that much med presecribed)
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Flagyl is a nasty med. I have taken it quite a few times. It leaves a horrid metalic taste in your mouth, Withing 4 days I'm so sickish feeling and the nasty taste makes me not able to eat. I always get thrush from it also. I have taken a combo of both meds your taking and I sure can understand and sympatize with you. I sure know how your feeling. Hope the diverticulitis flare up gets under control and you get feeling better soon.
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Guess this hasn't happened to many of you. I had my followup appt. at the dr. office today. I did ask about any alternative treatment for diverticulitis and was told 2 wks in the hosp. with the medicine going in your veins.
Has anyone else had this condition and if so how did the dr. treat you.
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Originally Posted by gardenandcats
I always get thrush from it also.
If you take acidophilus between antibiotics, you'll stop the thrush. While killing off the bad bacteria, the antibiotics also kill off the good bacteria that is needed in your digestive tract to control candida and help you digest food. If doc prescribes, say "one every eight hours" antibiotics, I usually take the antibiotic first, the acidophilus at the 4 hour mark, and then another antibiotic at the 8 hour mark. Controls thrush along with other bacterial/yeast type problems women get from taking antibiotics.

I feel your pain Bugaboo. My mom has diverticulitis, so I've seen the meds she gets put on and how they make her feel. And I get put on some serious antibiotics once a year for sinus infections (my oak allergies are out of control). It's just a horrible feeling the way those antibiotic cocktails make you feel, but on the bright side.. only two more days!
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You poor thing.
That sucks.
Antibiotics are better than letting the bad bacteria thrive, but they kill off all the good bacteria and really upset your body's balance. A necessary evil, I guess. I haven't had to take a cocktail like that before and I don't suffer from the same condition you do, but I've had to take strong antibiotics before so I know how yucky they can make you feel.
Definitely take the acidophilus like MuttigreeMom suggested...it may help. Or at least eat lots of yogurt.
And talk to your doctor. See if there is another way to treat your flare-ups, or at least a way to avoid the nasty side-effects.
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I have had a triple cocktail before .. I feel for you.. lots of acidolphlis
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Eeeew sweetie I'm sorry to hear you're so down! I have no idea what diverticulitis is, I've no idea what a combination of antibiotics feels like and i've certainly no idea how bad you must be feeling right now - but I did just want to put my word in and tell you I really hope you feel better soon. Two more days, two more days......
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Thanks for all the input. I finished my antibiotics tonight. I am feeling much better. The pain and fever from the diverticulitis is gone. I think when I get up in the am and don't have to start taking medicine that everything is going to improve. My follow up appt yesterday was with the nurse practitioner and I was not satisfied. I called the office today and talked with my dr's nurse. She is going to talk with my dr. and call me back. I am hoping I can learn of some other way to treat this problem if it ever occurs again. Now everyone just keep the prayers and agreement coming that there will be no lingering side effect from all the meds I have had to take. Thanks to all. You guys are great.
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