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I have kittens!

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Yesterday my Lucy gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens!

1st one born at 13.04 (ginger tabby)
2nd one born at 13.35 (ginger tabby)
3rd one born at 15.10 (black tabby)
4th one born at 15.50 (black & white)
5th one born at 16.45 (black & white)

Mum and babies doing well. All healhty and all feeding well.

Anyone wants a picture, let me know as I have some. This morning, the father cat (who we havent seen for weeks) arrived in the garden, but we shooed him away. Strange, we think he must have known he was a Daddy!!!

Thought you may like to know.

Neesey xx
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Congratulations on your new arrivals! They sound just precious. I'm so glad everything went well for momma and babies.

Be sure to keep that Tom away from Lucy and her babies! It is fairly common for males to kill babies so he can mate with the female again. Also, Lucy can get pregnant again even when she is still nursing the kittens. Best to keep her inside and sealed off from any potential "suitors" who may come calling.
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