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Eilcon's Jimmy has a home!!!

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My husband and I are taking Jimmy!!!!!!!!! He has a real home now and of course when we get him, he will have to have his own thread for updates.

Thank you Eilcon........ thank you very much...! This is so wonderful....

We will take good care of that kitty!!! I promise you!

The only thing Eilcon and I haven't decided is whether we are getting him before or after we move in our new house. We are going to meet each other halfway between Ohio and Missouri when "Jimmy Day" arrives. As soon as the details are worked out one of us will add a little update on that.......hehe

He will be another forever kitty of mine and my husbands........ I will have three boys. Four if you include my hubby.

And I'm also sorry I came on a little strong in the earlier original post but I was just upset over little Jimmy and couldn't stand it... But I do apologize.... I was not upset at you in the least. It was over Jimmy's situation and I am tender hearted where the feral kitties are concerned.

This is also where I will post my updates on him when I actually have him..... I am so excited by the prospect of helping another feral..
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I just sent you a PM suggesting that we share the good news!

This all happened this afternoon after a flurry of PM's. As Jenn mentioned, we still have to work out the details, but this seems to be a great situation for Jimmy. It's a huge relief to me that he'll be safe and with someone who has the patience to work with him. Thanks to Jenn and her husband for opening their hearts and home to Jimmy!

This is another example of that TCS board magic!
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I can't wait till it happens......... I just can't wait...
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Oh yeah!!! That's fantastic to hear! I can't wait to hear the Jimmy stories when he gets to his new home!
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Here's a picture of Jimmy from a few months ago. It's the only one I have - not the best, but you get the idea what big, handsome boy he is.

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, he is adorable.!!!!! He looks close to my Socks kitty..... He is precious...........

Can't wait to use my zoom lens on him.... I just saved his picture..

I want him here already so bad! Thanks so much for the picture eilcon!!! I can't wait to make Jimmy memories..... He sure have a handsome jaw line.

When we have him here, I think I'll get hubby to make him his own shelf by a window so he can watch birds and things outside while he adjusts to us. That is going to be a big treat for me and for him!!!!

This just feels right to me.. I am so glad the original info got posted.

I know there are millions and millions of needy cats in the world that need homes. I know I can't save them all. But Jimmy.... Jimmy is going to have a great home! He is going to have new kitty experiences which I know will scare him at first. I am an extremely patient person so I know Jimmy will do fine. He might even end up not even being as aloof as Star . And my Star Kitty can be aloof at times but she is always aware.

I hope he lets me be his special person and I feel like he will since I am usually home all day and he'll have to see me ugly mug daily on my kitty crawls through the house!!!!!! Something else that will help Jiimmy is the fact ALL of my cats are tame with me. Even Star is not scared. She is just determined. I hope she tells him that it's ok.

Yee Haw for the kitties!!!!!!! ***For all you Yankee Kitty Fans, that means Happy Days...Happy Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Jenn? What part of Missouri are you from? I recall Eileen is from Cincy and halfway could be Louisville, or maybe the Evansville area? (Where I am.) Just musing that maybe a short meet up could be possible when you pick up Jimmy.
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I am in the Branson West area right off Table Rock Lake. I do believe we are going to meet somewhere half way and it's going to be real soon. I want to go ahead and get him. He is depressed where he is at now..... and doesn't have a window to look out of.

The coordinator said they could keep him till May until our move if it will be by May but I want to go ahead and do it so he can pack with my group. There is safety in numbers as far as cats and if he packs now when we move and he 'eventually' gets to go outside then he will stay with them since they are packed together. I hope with time, I can get him to use our kitty window so he and come and go as he pleases through the house. He will have a real home! That's what they all deserve.

They will teach him how to chase birds and squirrels which they are very good at... Especially Yellow. They all try but Yellow is very successful at in his quests.

One day I walked through the living room and saw Emma the lab and three cats staring intently at the floor. I thought "What the heck"..... so I went to look and they had brought a littlel bird that one of them had gotten and they were all staring at it from a distance of about two inches. I threw it out in the yard and they all went and just continued to stare at it.

As far as getting Jimmy, I have been to St Louis but no further. I live in a town with 408 people or so but town is 10 miles away from me. So going to get Jimmy will be a big adventure.

I will just have to get my map out and let Eileen tell me where to meet her. I can't wait.....
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That is a big relief. I'm glad Jimmy will have a place where he has plenty of time to tame. Or if he chooses to remain wild, at least he will be loved and cared for.

It is so difficult in foster care...always the pressure to move kitties out to make room for new, needy cats. And the ferals and semi-ferals are a challenge. I'm glad Jimmy is on his way to a happy ending.
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That's right. My goal for him in the next 4-6 months will be for him to start using a kitty window so he will feel comfortable coming in and out of the house on his own. I plan on keeping him indoors with me at least until the end of May so he knows the house and knows our routine and knows the other cats.

After that, it will be up to Jimmy whether he wants me for a mama.. But he will be safe.

And Gem, I've been looking at maps.. Evansville is fine with me. It will probably take me longer to get there than Eileen because of the roads here. I have to drive a good hr or so to get to a highway. So I am using Springfriend Missouri as my starting point as far as a map. Talk to Eileen and see what she says about Evansville. I will send her a msg too.

I was in Springfield mo a few weeks ago when my husband had surgery and got lost going from the hospital to my house. There was just such so much traffic that I got confused and went the wrong way on the wrong road. I yelled out to an elderly couple in a lane next to me and they got in front of me and I followed them to the hwy.

What a journey. That's why I say going to get Jimmy will be exciting. I will have to take the side roads and stay off the freeways if possible.
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