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How to know?

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Hi, I currently have a 2 yr old female spayed cat (Izzy). I adopted her from a shelter over a year ago and I don't think she was socialized with the other cats because she had health problems and was kept in a seperate room. When she finally got better I took her home. She is currently living at my home away from college (looking to move so I can bring her here!!) and dwells with my 11yr old female cat. I introduced them not as slow as I should have, but tried to keep them in seperate rooms. Of course they had tiffs and stuff and rarely do now. The problem IS that Izzy alot of the time wants to 'play' with the other cat but the other cat is much older and doesn't care, or sometimes takes offense. We have an outside cat, but he's so mellow and isn't very active, I've noticed that she has become more 'adrift' and I wonder if she needs a playmate. So, I'm asking for advice as how to know if your cat would benefit from another one?
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If Izzy has enough toys or other distractions, there may be no need of another playmate. Of course, it is entirely up to you to get another one if you think it is best.
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Like the above reply states, obviously it is totally up to you if you wish to get your baby a friend. If you decide to get her a friend, I would recommend a male kitty (fixed) that's a bit younger than her. You mention that Izzy's two, so I would recommend a male that is about a year or a year and a half in age. The reason for the age difference is so he's a little more rambunctious, and VERY ready to play with her. I wouldn't recommend younger than a year, because then you run the chance of having a kitten that won't leave your much older kitty alone, because he doesn't understand why she doesn't want to play. No need to add onto your older kitty's stress.

You'll want to spend some time with him before you bring him home to be sure he's got a good personality to fit in with your other friends (wouldn't do much good to bring home a feral cat, though feral cats are mostly female).

Hope that helps!
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