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Keeping up with the Joneses

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My name is Jeremy. I have 3 cats - all female. Frodo, Sammie and Oreo.

Frodo was my first cat adopted from a co-worker. She was an awesome kitten - playing fetch, hide & seek and chase with me from very early on. Raising a kitten was quite an experience, especially this one. She had a tendancy to step in her poo while trying to cover it up which resulted in the super-fast-paw-flick and thus poop all over the wall, etc! NOT FUN. Unfortunately Frodo developed epilepsy around 6 months and hasn't really been the same exuberant cat since. She's 2 and takes Phenobarb twice a day. I affectionatly refer to her as "Mellow Yellow". She is and always will be my favorite cat.

Sammie was adopted from the local shelter when Frodo was around 5 months old. At first Sammie was HUGE next to Frodo. We thought she was going to be ginormous and at first we were worried about "compatibility". Well, 2 years later, Sammie is the smallest of the 3 - she's definately a petite little thing. She's also the sweetest cat we have. The minute I sit down and my lap is clear, she's there, snuggling up. She's incredibly agile and playful and just a great, all-around cat. She also has our 75lb Golden Retriever wrapped around her paw.

Oreo is our "third child" if you will. My wife's aunt called up saying she had a stray cat that she didn't want to keep and so I agreed to go check her out, though we "weren't getting another cat". I picked her up when we got there and she immediately snuggled up to my chest and fell asleep - I couldn't leave her. She was named by their daughter and I didn't have the heart to rename her, even though she's grey and white and doesn't really resemble an Oreo at all It made for a very fitting nick-name however, Ornry-o. She is the brat, for sure. You can't leave a cup full of liquid any where in the house - she will find it and knock it over. Right in front of you, even. She disturbs Frodo who is often lazing around or sleeping and demands to be licked or cuddled with. She chases Sammie about constantly. She gets into the tomatoes and other kitchen-goodies. She tries to sleep with the baby. She's just plain ROTTEN! Still, she's very lovable and often kisses up to you at just the right time.

Somehow I've also acquired two outside cats. One of them has been around for awhile and looks to be well-fed (I've named him Buster) - but he still comes around begging for food. The other was a scrawny, mal-nourished thing. She's incredibly tiny. I've been feeding her for about a month and she comes running down the road when I pull into the driveway. I've also put out a cat bed which she's started sleeping in on cold nights. I need to take her to the vet probably to ensure she's really, truly healthy, I just haven't done it yet. I call her Berry - not sure why, it just seemed right.

We've also got a 75lb 1 year old Golden (as mentioned) and a 5 month old daughter (who is absolutely the most beautiful thing ever). It's a full house, no doubt.

Thanks for reading, if you did Here are some pics!



Oreo (in the 2nd one she has stolen the baby's papasan, much like her crib):

Berry (There's a Golden Retriever behind the camera with me):

The 3 insiders (Frodo, Sammie & Oreo):

And the inside "outsider" (the dog, Maggie):

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Welcome Jeremy!
Love the photos! Your furbabies are beautiful!
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Hi there Jeremy we're so happy to welcome you, Frodo, Sammie, Oreo and the rest of the family to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

I just love your descriptios, what a house full of characters you have! Great photos too
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Your pets are all beautiful!!!

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Jeremy - Welcome!

What a gorgeous family you have there!
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What lovely photos. The 2nd one of Frodo made me giggle. Maggie is just gorgeous too! I love Goldens.
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Welcome to the site Jeremy!
I loved your pictures
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Hi Jeremy!
Welcome to you and all of your furry friends!
I love the stories about how you found each cat, and the pictures are lovely! Berry is a tiny thing!
See you on the other forums!
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I love, love, LOVE that second pic!

Welcome to TCS Jeremy!
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Hello Jeremy and welcome to The Cat Site

Very nice pictures! Lovely cats!

We are glad you found us

You will love it here
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