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New kitten: friend or foe?

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We kept a little girl from my last foster litter. She is happy, playful and friendly, 8 months old. I thought it would be good for my very pampered and much loved 4 yr. old cat, Princess Gina Von Amburg (any DOOL fans out there?) to have a friend to play with. About 2 years ago we tried the same thing, we kept a little foster boy kitten, and Gina adored him, they were always together, then sadly, he died at 5 months. I wonder why she hasnt taken to little Doodle as well? Any suggestions? I see them playing once in a great while, but mostly not. Gina doesnt even let Doodle get on our bed at night. I know Gina is totally spoiled, and very territorial around me. How can I help them get along?
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If they are not fighting, I think the only thing that will really help them is time and lots of love and attention from you.

Cats are funny creatures, they just do not bond with every animal introduced to them because they now have company. Some cats never will become really close to another cat, for whatever reason.

We have a momma cat who had 8 kittens here and we kept 4 of them. Interestingly, our mamma cat is really bonded with one of her 7 month old kittens and really doesn't give all that much attention to the others. She isn't mean to the others, just doesn't go out of her way to be near them. Why? Who knows.

I really don't think there is anything I can do to change that.

Like I said, if they are not fighting you have a good thing. Sometimes cats just cannot stand each other and it is a real problem, to the point where they cannot share a home.

I will be interested in heaing other more experienced replies. Cat behavior is fascinating.
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You're right, at least they arent fighting. I have had that situation,too. We actually tried to keep Doodles mom, too, but my 12 year old cat, who usually could care less what was going on in the house, decided to fight with mom. Mom had claws, too, and my cat got wacked a few times! She didnt care, she used to chase that poor little foster under the bed and not let her out. I decided the foster cat would be better off in another home. She went to the shelter and got adopted. My older cat went back to sleep. Crazy, huh!
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