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Come and meet Moniques beauties!!!!

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I'm posting these for Monique(Carwashcats)

But first of all this is her story of her kitty called Scream who is at the moment in the SOS forum because she's went missing

Some pictures didn't open but hopefully Monique will be able to resend them so i can add them on, so, first of all meet Mama who is Screams mum

Then we have Scream as a baby

Along with her siblings (Screams in the middle)

Then Spook

And Love

Spook and Love together

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And these are Puff, Sha-na-na and Biscuit

Come home Scream your mum misses you!!

And heres little Scream again

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What beautiful kitties!

I hope little Scream comes home soon!
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what lovely cats! good luck finding Scream - he looks like a darling!
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ohmy look at them all awwww they are just precious Monique - thankyou Susan for posting them!!

I have seen your post about little scream in SOS and I sure am thinking of him
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Very nice cats. What a beauty Scream is. I know what you are going through having Scream missing. Hopefully she will find her way home soon!
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Thanks Susan! I appreciate everything you did for me!As I sit here with tears
rolling down my face, I think why are you crying? Wonderful people (on the catsite)? Is it seeing my cats photos here to where everyone can see them?
missing Scream? All of the above!!!! Thanks everyone from everywhere, I am so thankful for this site!!!! Now I need to go to where I need to finish my siggy! yea! I love Ya'll!!!! Monique Oh, Susan, I believe that was all of the pics I sent to you, that was all the kitties so don't worry about the ones you couldn't open! thanks again!
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Scream is just gorgeous.........and I have him on my "GOOD VIBES" list that he comes home safe and sound any minute now...........have faith!!
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aaaawwww aren't they all just so perfect!? (OKay, so I think that anything on three or four legs that purrs is perfect....) But these little darlings are jsut gorgeous!

Come on home Scream - don' live up to your namesake eh?
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Isn't she gorgeous!

It's her fluffy tail that gets me as well!
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I know, that tail, it looks like a fox, with her shortier fur on her body, then her tail, it also reminded me of a plume, when I was in band, we had what was called a plume on the top of our hats, feathery looking thing, that would just sway back and forth in the wind. That is exactly how Screams tail is! It sure has been quite here, she was the life of the party, she kept the older ones on their toes! She chased and loved being chased! Now the others are just moping around! I just wasn't ready for her to be gone! she would talk, scream, and purr the loudiest! You know it wasn't that long ago whenever she was spayed, she had a high temperature the day after, took her back to the vet, he gave her an antibo- shot, the fever went down immediatley, I thought she was fine, she slept with me under the covers, and her temp. shot up again early the next morning, it woke me up because I felt it with her laying so close to me, Scared to death I jumped up and called the vet , and rushed her to the ER, and he checked her out and gave her another shot, she ended up being fine! And when she was born she was tiny, and came out screamin for milk but she couldn't find it, I would take the other 2 and put them about 1 ft away and I would take Scream and pry open her mouth and put the nipple right there and she would suck alittle bit, but the other two piglets would make it back and boot her right on out of there! I had to mix her some home formula and she wouldn't drink it out of the bottle, so I would pour it on to my kitchen counter, get Scream and put her up there and she would lick it off the countertop. I can't believe now I'm faced with her being gone! After all of that! Life can be cruel!!!! I just want her back!
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Scream still hasn't come home but Moniques sent me this picture of her son Jace and Scream when she was a kitten

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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Scream still hasn't come home but Moniques sent me this picture of her son Jace and Scream when she was a kitten

thanks susan, that pic was last year, i just loved it though, scream loves that jace, she would let him and him only hold her like that! and i have to tell you, yesterday my phone rang, and it was my neighbor, well i knew it had to do with scream, because they never call me, so i answered, and sure enough, he told me that his wife had seen my cat this morning, and it was headed toward my house, he said she tried to call but i was gone, well, i knew if it was scream, she would have already come up to the door. and i thought i bet it was that stray male tabby cat, cause he always comes from
that way, and i had already fed him before i dropped jace off at school! he said he would have her return my call later. she never called me back but i immediately ran outside, screaming "Scream, Scream!"
then i walked all around again, and drove all around again! i can honesty say
that this would make a normal person crazy! i just keep playing it over in my
head, what happened to her? and where in the world is she? over and over!
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Just think of her as having a long wander somewhere Monique
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Those are some truly beautiful kitties!! I hope that Scream comes home soon.
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She is lovely, exactly like the cat my husband had when I met him her name was Bianca.

I do hope Scream comes home soon.
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Heres another one of little Scream again with her mum and siblings She knows how gorgeous she is by stopping her feed and posing for the camera!

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