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Sarah, Deanna & Mama & My Cat Tigger

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Hello Friends...

I thought I would update you on my present situation...

I still have my cat - Tigger - I changed his name now though, it is Bean.
I got him fixed and he is much more calm and happier. He has lost all his "kitty fur" and now has no long soft fur like he used to...that was strange when I realized this?!?! The only soft fur he has is on his belly. His cheeks are thick and short fur. Not sure why this happened?! I know he is growing up and all that.

I have been house sitting as well as pet sitting 3 cats - Sarah, Deanna and Mama. They are all black and Persian?! One seems like a miniature persian if there is such a thing?! Anyway, these cats would hide and never be seen much at all and now over a duration of 3 months - they come out now and I also go get them and give them some love - even if it means dragging them out from under the bed. They are farily old. The owners said if anything goes wrong that they need to go to the Vet - put them down. I was SHOCKED AT THIS! And thought Oh My God! How could they say that??? Esepcially if it is something simple like a cold - which one had. I found some old pills that are antibiotics and I decided to take matters into my own hands and gave her pills as it said on the bottle and dragged her out to HAND FEED her and give her water out of a sucker. She was viscious and I could not even get near her with out her HISSING and throwing a fit. She would fight and scratch and hiss - to not get picked up and to be left alone. I woudl talk to her and pick her up anyway. I got scratched up pretty good I will add. And now she sleeps with me and we are INSEPERABLE! I love her, I fell in love with this cat! I want to KEEP HER. I do not think she ever had this kind of love and care as I have given her. No one has been able to pick her up - except the one owner. This cat seems starved for love and attention. I REALLY WANT TO KEEP HER and ALL OF THE CATS for that matter. I am wondering if they will let me take them?!?! Or the one anyway. I have bathed her and groomed her and the other 2 cats as well - I did their paws - clipped them and cut the matts off them and just loved them up.

Sarah she sleeps with me every night and we also watch some TV together and I carry her around in my arms and do things around the house be it putting dishes away, going to the bathroom, putting things away, etc. I can do an awful lot with one hand and arm! LOL! I carry her in either just my arms and she hangs on to me and tucks her head under my neck and loves it. I sometimes carry her in my favorite blanket which she also loves that as well. She will sit with me where ever I am or whatever I am doing. I go outside to smoke and she comes with me and smells the fresh air. She just sits their in my arms or on my lap. I sit at the computer and she sits on my lap. I LOVE HER. I am totally attached to this cat. I do not think she will live long after I leave...I have cried and cried with her, because I want to take her and I think I am going to - I know that may seem selfish, but is it? For her to get the love and care that she needs to live the rest of her life and I can and will take care of her...why not? I already saved this cats life once. She would hide and hide and at one point I thought she had gone and died somewhere in this house. I found her underneath the house in this cold weather - she got under there from the basement and I happen to be lucky and catch her under the stairs and I blocked that whole area off so that NO CATS can get under there anymore. So that I do not have to spend hours hunting them and catching them anymore and I know WHO is eating and who is not. Now I know and they all are out and come out and eat and get some loving from me. They do not mind the 2 dogs here. I also have my cat here and there has not been any problems at all, only the usual hiss now and then. My cat does not know how to jump over a fence or a block accross the door, he also does not fight at all! It is kinda funny that he does not know HOW TO JUMP! LOL!

I spend time every day with ALL 4 CATS and give them love and talk to them. My friend is totally BLOWN AWAY at me and this WHOLE SITUATION - she says maybe I should do soemthing with cats or be a vet assistant or something like that. She is totally shocked at how me and cats connect and how they were and how they are now. We both have been over here and she said she would not have been able to do what I have done. Anyway...that is where I am at and what is going on...

Oh I forgot last night I was petting Sarah (my Favorite, the one I saved) and I found a lilttle bump or lump on her between her shoulder blades down the back of her neck - what is that??? Is this something not good? Also do older cats mouths STINK because their teeth shoulda been pulled? Sarah has extrememly BAD BREATH when she hisses. What is that and is there anything I CAN DO? Do her teeth need to be pulled? Maybe she has an infection?! I hope that things work out and that I can keep her. They come back at the end of this month. I need to find a place and it is not looking good so far! I can't imagine being with out her - we are so much the same and she loves me and I love her. It just does not seem fair! I had no clue when I came here that I would get that attched to these cats especially her ( Sarah ) as Deanna was my favorite - she would not run from me and get all hissy at me. And I could pick her up, even though she could care less and would prpbably prefer to not be picked up. When I get her - she loves the love I give her and purrs and we fell asleep on the bed one day. Mama on the other hand - I do not think she really likes me - or to be picked up. I leave her be as well as Deanna most of the time. I go every day and talk to them and sometimes pet them - If I can reach them! I think they see how Sarah was and how and what I have done for her and maybe they are amazed to see how close we are and the change in their sister?!?! I dunno?!! Maybe they could care less.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and any feedback I welcome. These cats have changed my life! I will Never forget them.
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my first cat, Medley, had bad breath due to rotten teeth. i do think that if their breath is very bad, it's a danger sign that all is not right in the mouth area. can you afford to take the cat[s] to the vet? the bump could be looked at then, too. if you're lucky, cleaning will solve the breath problem. Medley actually had to have a couple of teeth pulled. good luck!
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I was told if I had to take any cats to the Vet to put them DOWN!!! So I guess I am faced with the choice to take her myself and pay and then would want to KEEP her or leave her be for them to deal with which she would live a bit longer and they put her down?! Or I do it. If I ever had to put a cat down it is going to be done while it is in my arms. That much I have decided.
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I just want to say that I called the Vet that I found on Sarah's Perscription bottle and found out that she is 11 1/2 Years old and she was last at the Vet in Dec 2003. I asked about the lump and teeth - the lump could be either fat, tumor or wart. I do not think it is a wart personally. I have seen warts on dogs and this is not a wart compared to what I have seen on dogs.

Sarah right now is wrapped up in my favorite Black Fuzzy Blanket and she is on my lap as I type this post. I am so LOVING HER - I am amazed at this situation really! My Best Friend told me "I think she is a replacement for my other cat who died in the Summer of 2004!" I can see that and the resemblance between the 2 cats. Age and behavior and the small things. I know that I did not give him the love and attention - enough of it that HE NEEDED at times because I was working alot or gone or not there for myself! I feel terrible for that. I did LOVE HIM and he was MY WORLD then. He was not going anywhere WITHOUT ME. Anyway, I had to leave him at my Mom's and her ex Husband I believe to this day that he shot him!!! I will say no more.

So Here I have Sarah Sweetheart - that is what I call her - Sweetheart, Sarah! I also call her Honey alot. I really need to find us a place!!! And it is not looking good still. I refuse to live in certain areas!!! I am VERY PICKY. I want a Balcony/yard, non smoking - even though I smoke - I cannot stand the smell of it. I want alot out of a new place to live. Clean, neat and as new as possible, no mold, no shared nothing - especially Bathroom, can you imagine?!?! Washer/Dryer is a must. Nice area, nice yard - I love to be outside and I would take her with me. Anyway...that is all again for now. That's the latest - cross fingers or say a prayer that I can find a desent, beautiful, perfect affordable place for me, Bean and Sarah and maybe the other 2 cats as well - Who Knows - LOL!
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Hello and welcome to The Cat Site

Good luck with Sarah, and I hope you find the answers you are looking for. There are very cat educated people on the site that can help.

We are glad you found us

You will love it here
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