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Dogs and camping

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We are planning a camping trip for next week. We will be leaving Thursday afternoon and coming back Sunday morning. I will be leaving Dori at home with my mom coming by to check on her in the mornings and evenings we are gone. It looks like we are going to be taking Brody with us though. He can't very well stay at home alone for those days! I am excited about him going, but at the same time wonder if this is a good idea. Have any of you ever brought your dogs camping? We are camping near springs so we are planning to go swimming. Dogs aren't allowed near the swimming areas... So my question is what do you guys do with your dog at times like this? My coworked said Brody will be ok in his crate at the camp site. I don't like this idea....Is that what people do? Or when you have a dog with you, do you just take turns with others swimming and watching the dog?
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When I go home and camp with my family (We have a permenant site with a 40 foot camper) We always have our dogs with - Sam, a 1 year Chocolate Lab and Sadie - our 3 year old mix.

When we go on the boat or anything on the lake, we keep Sadie in the camper (its got AC) with her food, toys and everything.

Sam, he stays outside on our lot, on a leash, with his kennel that he can go into, food and plenty of water.

Its like a big family that we camp with, and our neighors (good friends of ours that are also permenant) keep an eye on him to make sure he is okay, and doesn't get away. He's a good dog and doesn't cause any trouble.
His leash and kennel are far enough away from the road where people drive/walk so he can't bother the other campers

A lot of the times, we play with Sam (in the water) and get him all tired out so he'll sleep while we're gone.

But there is always a neighbor that watches him - just in case something does happen
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I would think it would be better to keep him with you.

If he's left at camp in a crate, he's vulnerable to everything from overheating, to being teased or abused by irresponsible children or adults (you wouldn't believe some of the things people will do to strange animals when they don't see an owner nearby), to being stolen. He might also be stressed to be left in a strange place, and bark and/or howl, and disturb other campers.

If the crate is lightweight, you could bring it with you so he has a place to rest nearby (as long as there's shade) and be quiet if you don't want to have to hold him all the time. You could also use a tieout, as long as someone you trust will always be within sight to supervise.

Articles about traveling and camping with your dog

Another page with info about camping with dogs

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O that sounds like fun when we've taken our dogs, we always made sure someone was watching them at the campsite-and just leave them leashed or tethered so there not all cramped in the cage. I'm sure he'll appreciate all the new sights and smells- it'll probably lift his spirits too
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Do you guys think with him being sick (heartworms) this might be a bad idea? I know not to let him over do it physically, but do you think the excitement will be too much?
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Whats the vet think?

I think if you keep him calm and leashed, don't let him get too overwhelmed he'll be ok--- but run it by the vet first
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I just read your update in the other thread yeah! Brody is keeping food down

With his next heartworm pill on the 15th I would def consult with the vet-since you will be camping on the date he is supposed to get his treatment. The medicine and excitement might be too much in the same day.
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I would definitely be concerned about Brody. He's gone through so much, it's best to ask your vet's opinion on whether he can handle all that excitement.
Such a shame not to take the dog though. That's the whole point - dogs get to go with while cats have to stay behind!
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