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Meowing at the ceiling

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well first it was digging up the plant, then it was opening the fridge, now its the meowing. my cat sure keeps me coming back he has been meowing at the cieling constantly. at first it was because he light spots from the sun. but today its cloudy and he wont stop meowing. he keeps jumping on everything to get higher to the ceiling including me. my bf has lifted him up to the ceiling before and he paws at the light. the other cat doesnt even seem bothered and doesnt care. my mom suggested mice, my bf thinks hes looking for the light. but i dont really know. lol doesnt anyone else have this
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That's so funny
There's something in the ceiling for sure.
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Thats SO weird!!

Harley has just started to do the exact same thing!!

He has been standing on the back of our couch, starring at the ceiling and meowing like crazy. I lifted him up there yesterday and he pawed at the ceiling and he stopped for a bit. Now (right now actually) he's doing the exact same thing!

I told him that if he's seeing ghosts, to warn me so we can get the heck outta here

I think it might be the light and shadows on the walls, but I'm not sure!
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Its really small bugs!!

My cats starting doing the same thing and I eventually saw that it was small insects that they were getting at!!
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Yeah, I agree that it's probably tiny little bugs, or the light that you noticed before.

My cat has a different meow for when she's hunting things, and often she'll look at the ceiling and do it. It keeps my house moth-free!
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Funny, I found two of mine staring at the ceiling last night. It turned out there was a lady bug crawling around the kitchen light! Welcome spring, I guess.
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Originally Posted by jane_vernon

Its really small bugs!!

My cats starting doing the same thing and I eventually saw that it was small insects that they were getting at!!
I got up on the couch & look at the ceiling when he was meowing like crazy, and I saw no bugs (THANK GOODNESS!)

I really think its the light - he did it the other night too when there were shadows on the wall in the bedroom from the TV!

Its so weird though - its like he can 'see' something that I can't!
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Don't be too happy yet!!

Sometimes the bugs are really small!!! So it may be something he can see that you can't!!
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Mine do it when there are tiny little moths around. Then they go crazy hunting them. I cannot see them unless I look very carefully where the cats are staring.
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My Stormy does this. She will sit and gawk at the ceiling and meow at it. One day I figured I would investigate and it turned out to be small dust bunnies that were blowing in the air and attached to the ceiling. Shes a goof ball.
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When Tibby does this, we say that he's trying to contact the 'Mother Ship'!
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Sleeves does this! and he will scramble onto the cat tree and try and jump to the top of the door. We can't see whatever it is he see's. I think he see's dead people...
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Our Hobbes is CRAZY about light being on the ceiling and walls, and will sit there and meow at the spot for a while or later on. I think he's asking for it to come back.
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Sash has a tendency to meow at the ceiling too, he always looks up there while were laying in bed a lot, like he's looking for something interesting.
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Animals are said to be able to see spirits....
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How uncanny - Smidge did this for the first time ever this weekend.
The thing is though - she acted scared really when she was doing it - had that scared/threatened look - one I rarely see. This was when I had been up for a minute or two - and she wasnt even interested in her breakfast (v. weird!). Very incessant and insistant meowing. It went on for awhile too - v. ununusal behavior for her. No idea what is going on! I was glad when it eventually stopped. It scared me - like I should understand what the "problem" was but couldnt.
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You guys are spookin me out! I hate it when my cats hear something that I don't. Sometimes our Ashley just stares at one spot in the room, on the wall or the ceiling. She'll do it for so long that my husband and I go up next to hear and try to look where she's looking -- but she never lets us in on what she sees! Really makes me wonder, especially since my brother died less than 2 months ago. Maybe they *can* see or sense things we can't!
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Sakura sometimes spazzes and Meows insanly at the ceiling. We say she's seeing her "magical butterflies". She runs around and tries to catch them or meows and gets upset at them even tho we cant see them. D'ann does the same thing but she sees things on the floor. Maybe she see's the magical caterpillars. LOL
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both of my cats have been going to the top of their tree and trying to scratch the ceiling...i thought there might have been a mouse in the attic...?
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chloe has started doing this in the last 2 days. i finally figured out that she thinks the texture on my walls is bugs. shes really been after this nailhole that she cant get to lol
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I would be freaked out if simba started meowing at nothing, he does sit and stare for ages at the ceiling though, or anything high up , he just wants to get up there!
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Mine is very quiet, so she just stares at the cieling. We've got mice in there, and she can hear them running around. She's caught a frightening amount of them in the last two months...she never kills them, just holds them and calls me, gives me a rousing game of tag, then gives me the mice in exchange for treats....
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Mitts stares and jumps at black marks on our walls. He thinks they're bugs.

He also stared and meowed at the ceiling for a couple months, then stopped. He also meows at the clock.

And as I was typing this hubby called me in to look at the cat staring at the ceiling and door meowing, from the top of the security phone!!
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