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how many cats do you have and who is the king/queen? - Page 2

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Well, as you can see from my signature I have a zoo at my house. I haven't updated my signature in a bit though so I do have a couple of additions and subtractions.

Peter, Snow, Angel, Leia, and Comet are my indoor kitties. Peter is definitely "The King", but our dog, Sassy, is the cat herder and torments universally.

Kit Kat, Midnight Shadow, Stormy II, Milo, and Gray Boy are my ferals. Midnight is definitely "The King", but when King Peter goes out for his daily strolls, they occassionally have a battle of wills. Not as bad since I had Midnight s/n though .

There are two or three more ferals that come and go from the colony. Another black tom that looks like Midnight (manx) but has a tail. Another gray tabby with a stub tail. A long haired gray and white tabby that probably belongs to a neighbor but pops over for a bite once in a while. And
Mom informed me this morning that she saw another calico lurking yesterday. (Another $70 for s/n!)

Frenchie and Skipper (fan-tailed, calico goldfish) killed Stripes ; so we are down to two snails. The murderers! What did he ever do but clean up after them.

SO let me see... That brings me up to 10 cats (+ 4 part-timers), two dogs, five fish, and two snails. This doesn't include the possums(3), raccoons(5), or armadillo(1) that raids the cat food at night.

May God continue to keep us all by His marvelous grace.
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hey how do the coons and possems get along with the cats?
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Six cats, three dogs, three birds. The cats are all neutered males 1-2 years old and no one "rules" yet. The dogs consist of a pug, westie and lab/pit mix, and the pug rules the dog and human domain.
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We have one cat, Devin and he pretty much rules me and José.

He even gets to watch whatever he wants to on telly, José'll change the channel for him.
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We have four cats, two humans and a few fishies. We almost had no fishies b/c Zakk decided when hubby was cleaning the fish tank that they would make a nice snack- he had to go to the isolation chamber poor thing for a few minutes. (bathroom) The only challenge I find with four kitties is keeping up on litter box cleaning.
Zakk thinks he is king, and is not above trying to push me around- a few well placed smacks in the legs. Rocky does challenge him occ, but the other two never bother. Zakk is the oldest and our first kitty, and interestingly, among the three boys will probably end up the smallest- Cookie is as long as him at about 8 month, and rocky out weighs him by almost 5 pounds. The only person he seems to have some respect for is hubby, and will let hubby cradle him at night under the covers.
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Three cats: Jake, Smokey and Tiger

Tiger is definately the king, haha...he is the oldest of the bunch (12 yrs).
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10 inside cats, 1 in/out cat and 2 outdoor cats (although one of those is in my house as I type) and 2 dogs.

Stumpy has been the alpha for about 8-1/2 years now, although Scarlett is absolutely the queen of the house. When the 2 of them tussle, it's hard to tell who wins even though Scarlett is half of Stumpy's size. Nobody messes with Scarlett and the other males often challenge Stumpy.
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Mooch is deffinately the Queen in my house. Bunny is in my parents. If she gets mad at one of us for not letting her outside, she goes around smacking the dogs and other cats! Lil Miss Attitude! Here is a pic of Mooch on her new throne!

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I have 3 (Buffy, Willow, and Molly) and Buffy is THE boss cat.

For shedding, Buffy is a demon shedder in the spring while Willow hardly sheds at all. We haven't had Molly that long, but we'll find out what kind of spring shedder she is soon enough
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We have 2 cats: Lemur and Monkey. ......Monkey is the Queen, she will push lemur out of the way to get treats!....the funniest thing that she will do is make Lemur move out of the cat Hammock we have....lemur will be laying down sleeping and monkey will come up and sit on lemur until she moves....its funny because as soon as lemur will move monkey gives a look like "Yeah that's right, I am the queen". But Lemur is the baby of the house.....she is the most loving and will fight for my lap all day long.
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Originally Posted by chausiefan
hey how do the coons and possems get along with the cats?
Well, the coons aren't too much of a problem except they could eat me out of house and home. My indoor kitty, Angel, whooped butt on one of the coons when she was out for an evening stroll on the porch one night. Poor raccoon just balled up and hid his face with his little paws until he just couldn't take it anymore and ran off.

The possums, I am not happy with and will run them off with the broom every chance I get. One bit Snow on the back leg and tail last winter while he was on the back deck. Possums are definitely on the bad list!

I may be prejudiced because I raised a baby raccoon years ago and I have a soft spot in my heart for them. But come to think of it, I had a possum when I was a kid, too. It is probably just because they attacked Snow and keep raiding the trash. Surprisingly, the coons aren't the ones that bother the trash; they're too busy cleaning out the kitty's dish.
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I have only 2- Chichi and Murphy. Chichi of course is the queen- Murphy is more of the jester than a king LOL
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