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For all you self-tanners!

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I just bought this self-tanner that I had seen a couple of times, and wondered how well it worked. It's Coppertone Endless Summer Tan. As well as giving you skin a fresh tan, it also dispenses a rich moisturizer to give your skin a smooth finish.(god, I sound like their spokeswoman!!) Anyways, I just applied it about 45 minutes ago, and I have a really even, non-streaky, tan!!! It's awesome! I highly reccommend it to all of you who like to have a tan!
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Hmm...You know when self-tanners first came out I tried one of them, I think it was neutrogena. Anyway I got a streaky orange tan and it took weeks to go away! Ever since then I've steered clear of them.

Do they make them idiot proof now? One of the brands said it wouldn't streak but I'm not so sure. Knowing me I'll screw it up somehow and wind up with orange skin for the summer.
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Wow, I'm going to have to try that! I tan well during the summer but I hate being as white as a ghost right now. I'm not too fond of tanning beds- I'm claustrophobic big time. Thanks for the recommendation!! :rainbow:
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Vikki: The Coppertone Endless Summer smells like Bailey's Irish Creme liquor, if you'd ever smelled that! I was smothering it on, and I knew the smell was familiar, but couldn't place it. Then, about 5 minutes later, I yelled out to my boyfriend, and said, "It smells like Bailey's!".
BadHabit: It doensn't claim that it is a non-streak formula, but I have had problems with the neutrogena self-tanner too, and no streaks from this one.
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To avoid streaking, exfoliate thoroughly before applying and use a cream or lotion formula, NOT a spray.
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I bought No-Ad self-tanner last year and was happy with it. The only thing that I don't like about self-tanners is if you have dry skin, and you use shower gel w/ a shower puff, your skin looks like alligator skin.:tounge2: I guess you're not supposed to use the puffs when you have the self-tanner on!
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Falling_Rain.....that's the kind I use!!!! I used it last summer and LOVED it! The only time it got streaky was after it had been on for several days and it was time to put more on. I never noticed it smelled like Bailey's but now that you have mentioned it, I will notice it this summer when I first use it....which I probably should do sometime in the next few weeks, since the weather is getting warmer. Time for shorts!!
I always start with the light/medium one and then after awhile I graduate to the dark one...that way it's not so obvious to people that it is fake.
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I love sunless tanners. People are always asking me how I am so tan. I get best results by putting it on several times before I plan to show it off. I usually check in natural light if I missed any spots, or if I have any too dark areas. It helps to put it on in a circular motion, rather than up and down, too.

I have used No-Ad, too, my only complaint is the smell, which I don't think is too pleasant. I am using Coppertone now.

I also read that if you put it on your face, you should mix it with a little bit of moisturizer.
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I'm not to fond of sunless tanners. I've heard too many stories of people having orange streaks and stuff. This summer I decided that I have to look tan because I am so white, its unbelievable! I look like a ghost. :LOL: I have started to hit the tanning beds. I go 3 times a week on the low beds for 25 mins each time. I am almost as dark as I want to be, so soon I will go on the high beds once or twice a week. I actually get a great deal on the package that I buy. 8 tans for $40 because I'm under 21.
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I'm with you Sarah. I don't trust the self-tanners enough to try that again. I'd hate to wear jeans all summer because my legs look weird.

I am as pale as they get. In fact one of my co-workers asked if I put something on my face to make me look whitter. No!! It's funny because people don't believe me when I say I'm portugese because I'm so fair. My grandmother who came from Portugal has the fairest skin and at 70 something years old she looks beautiful!! She never tanned a day in her life and she has virtually no wrinkles!!

I would never get into a tanning bed. I've read that they are worse than a tan from the sun. I'm not sure if that's true but I think I'll get a little tan from the sun even though I know it's not good. **sighs**
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I am so white, that I need at least some tan. I wouldn't go tanning, except that I will never be out in the sun to get a tan, since I'm inside at work all day. When I was younger, I tanned so nice when I would be outside all day. Too bad that I still can't spend all my summer days outside.
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