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hunting list

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I was just curious as to all the animals your cats have brought home?

I once had a cat that brought home a weasl~ and another one who brought home a snake~! just curious about your experiences
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Before we started keeping them indoors all the time, our cats would bring home birds, squirrels, lizards, and mice.

Sometimes they'd catch doves, but they wouldn't set those on the porch for us - they'd eat them right where they caught them. Dove meat must be very tasty.

Our feral porch kitty usually catches lizards and doves.

If your outdoor kitty is a hunter, she'll need to be checked regularly by the vet for intestinal parasites.
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wow squirrels ive seen cats go after them but never heard of them actually catching them! iT would take a very skilled hunter to catch a squirrel
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Sylvestra & Mr. Underfoot's mother was a sweet stray cat who moved in and had her kittens under my porch a long time ago.

She was a great hunter - it was fascinating to watch her teach her kittens to hunt, and I felt very privileged when I actually got to watch her catch a squirrel once. She taught her babies well!
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Snakes Big ones littles ones and bring them in the house alive, then Its up to me to get the snakes back out side and I don't like snakes...Squirrels,chipmunks,frogs ,mice,mole,
My Persian Flame once picked up one of those big toads in his mouth. He had a terrible allergic reaction and I had to rush him to the vets. I never realized toads are coated in a yucky tasting stuff they secrete out of their skin as a protection against predators.
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My current kitty is an indoors-only thanks to the busy street I live by.

But my friend lives in the country, and his crazy girl Nikta is outside all the time. She once tried to catch a deer! She actually stalked it, and it watched her coming, and then took off. Even the deer was afraid of Nikta! I've also watched her catch a hummingbird, which was amazing.

Ah, here is the cat in question!

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Snakes, lizards, frogs, sparrows, neighbor's parrot (neighbor apologized, it was his fault his parrot got away. fortunately, too, my cats didn't harm it), rats, mice, and big bugs.
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The current band bring in mice, voles, frogs, lizards, birds of all sizes including a live pigeon once, and I was once presented with a headless snake. Oh and a slow-worm and a huge moth. In the past I have had cats who cleared my neighbour's pond of gold fish, caught rabbits and squirrels, and in a slightly different category, 'liberated' a large pork chop from I do not know where, but the cat in question was caught bringing it in through the top of an open sash window!
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Originally Posted by jennyranson
and in a slightly different category, 'liberated' a large pork chop from I do not know where, but the cat in question was caught bringing it in through the top of an open sash window!
This reminds me of a friend of mine who has more than 12 cats, half of which are outdoor and she remembered that during a whole week she kept on getting one live chicken every other day. She thought they were wild so she had all sorts of chicken dishes for dinner. Then suddenly, her cats were giving her "dressed" chickens. It turned out that the kitties were actually stealing from a poultry farm quite a distance away.
The thefts stopped once the poultry farm patched the hole in one of their walls or something like that. My friend was never suspected or charged.
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Before I made her indoor only, Tara used to bring me lots of things. Bugs, birds, rodents. She brought me a baby rabbit once and a fairly large fish as well, but I think she got the fish from someone who had already caught it. She brought me a baby duck too, I was more saddened than impressed though.
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Meow has been the only outdoor kitty (who could catch anything), but she was pretty good. My mother never thanked her, so she stopped bringing things back, but we found lots of birds in the back yard missing heads, snakes, and once a squirrel. She always ate her moths whole.

I was most impressed when she killed my brother's snake. This was an evil snake that was always biting him, but it got free in the house. Two weeks later, it slithered out from under my mother's sewing desk, and Meow pounced. She wasn't allowed to kill it right there (bummer), but it died of its wounds pretty quickly. She also ate my brother's Beta fish, but it was his own fault for leaving his bedroom door open.
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is meow a big cat?
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Maverick: Half a nandos chicken (spicy chicken restaurant), that she found under my sisters bed,


A live mouse


An apple core

A draw handle.

Jupiter: Mouthfulls of dry food left daily by my pillow.

A crows feather

A bird dead and plucked

A live mouse



A HUGE spider!


a bra

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My exboyfriends cat, Wiley (huge fluffy brown tabby) once brought home 1/2 bird, and dropped it in our bed. I woke up thinking, something's poking me, and what is all this dust. What was poking me was the bone, the dust was a bunch of feathers. I miss that cat a great deal- a few months after we broke up the cat dissapeared. He also caught a huge! bird once. His brother spinoza(black/white bi-color) was pretty good at squirrel hunting.
My cats are indoor, but they are pretty good at bug hunting- this summer we had a bunch of moths get in the house and they never made it very far.
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Well, Patches brought home lots of baby birds, and a few adults. We had some mocking birds in the yard, and apparently they have an 80% fatality rate from babies falling from the nest. She also liked the little birds that nested under he eaves every year. We were able to rescue a couple that Patches didn't play with before presenting them to us.

Mice arrive on the doorstep weekly, thanks to Patches.

The best was the rat in the pool. We watched as Patches debated between getting the rat and staying dry. She eventually caught it with some help from us pulling the rat out with the pool skimmer.

There's also possums in our area, so she's brought home baby possums before.

Princess only hunted little things. Flies were her favorite. Ewww.
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WE have one of those wands with feathers on the end of it and Phenom will drag it up the stairs to us at night and plop it on the bed between us. When she is coming up the stairs with it and you hear is thunk thunk thunk thunk thunk thunk thunk!! If I am awake I bust out laughing every time!!
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