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Furry lobster?

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I heard about this on the news this morning-very interesting creature!
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That's amazing!, what a unique little creature
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That is really bizarre looking!
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what an odd little thing! That's so funky!
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what i wonder about is, if they've only found the one, how do they know it's a new species & not just a mutation of a regular lobster? you know, like the wolf boys, with hypertrichosis - they're still people, just hairy ones.
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That's kind of creepy.
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I think I might have nightmares about that thing now.

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It looks like a hairy dust mite to me! LOL
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I was thinking he had "charlie's angel's" hair. It's very feathery!
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It looks so fluffy! I think I'd be a little too scared to touch it, though..
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I think it's kind of cute but then I did have a tarantula for 10 years and thought she was cute too.
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I saw that photo earlier today. My first thought was, "Wow, it sure is furry!"
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So long as I don't have to touch one or be near it.......
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