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Bad Wednesday!!

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Today I woke up and got ready for work. I decided to call the bank to see if a transaction had cleared. I am OVERDRAWN!!! Yesterday there was 100 in there!! Today I am -80!!! I only spent 50 in gas, 8 for stamps, 6 for lunch, 20 for dinner. How does that add up to -80?? It doesn't!!! PLus I got me montlhy visitor, my pants were still wet, I forgot my belt, and the pants I had to wear today are too short and a little to tight!

But Hey! It can't get much worse I guess... with my yluck, it probably can!
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Sounds like you're off to a rough start today. One small thing that might help - I just found out from another post that it's Women's Day - so try to cheer up a little and think of this as your day. I figure nobody even needs to know or do anything for me - it jut puts a new outlook on the day that this is "my" day.

I can relate to you on the whole checking account thing. I know it doesn't add up, but with me I've always forgotten to record something (I"m a bit absent minded at times). I would call the bank and get a copy of your statement from the past few days and go through it to see if the bank made a mistake or if you accidentally forgot something. If the bank messed up, then they owe you any charges incurred as a result of the mistake. I've had that happen too and they credited it all back to me.

Cheer up! I hope your day gets better for you!
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I always keep a check on my account online.

Do you have online banking in other countries where your able to see your bank balance, do transfers etc..?!
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That sure does sound like a rough start to the day...in regards to your bank account, are there any pre-authourized payments that would have come out automatically?
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So sorry to hear your withdrawn! I'd suggest seeing if your bank has a free online banking. That way you can see what you spent that is still pending and what checks still haven't made it to your account.

Hey - your monthly friend is just in time for Women's Day! That's pretty funny!
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What a terrible way to start the day! Sending sunshine your way!
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Thanks everyone! I don't do online banking but I call any check my balance 3-4 weekly. I just called yesterday and everything that was supposed to be out came out. I don't have any automatic payments! I don't know what happened unless I forgot to write something down!! I am going to call the bank in a little bit and see what they have on the account.
Thanks for helping me feel a little better!!
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If you can do online banking i would register with it because it's brilliant!.

I can check my balance every day and transfer money from one of my accounts to another right here at my desk instead of dashing down town after work before the bank shuts to do it.
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I agree with Susan, I love my online banking! I check my account daily - just to make sure everything goes thru okay!

I'm so sorry your having a bad day - hugs to you!
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Oh no what a bad day!
Sometimes if you make a card payment it can take a few days to show up on your transactions so when you called the bank yesterday they wouldn't have even seen it and then all of a sudden its there.
Fingers crossed its a mistake and you get some money back!
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There was a mistake. It was my mistake! I only overspent 20 bucks but in 2 different transactions!! That mean 2 $30 fees! Ugh! I am cutting up my check card!! LOL

Dominos Pizza also has a hold on my account from DECEMBER 19!!! Its MARCH 8! Do they not want their money or what!!! I am now ging to have to call them and ask why they havent taken their money. They also said I used my PIN and I KNOW FOR A FACT that I didn't use my PIN there EVER!!!

I guess I have learned my lesson, but it makes me feel better to know that there wasn't an error an anyone's part but mine! Now to wait until Dominos opens to see what their deal is!
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We have an overdraft account set up at the bank so in case we make a mistake it goes against out line of credit and we are only charged a $5 fee!! You should see what your bank has available. Check cards are nice but I usually forget to record a transaction (or 2, 3,4.....)
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