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Shes veryyyy SICK ???????????????

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I just got home from college, i coudnt find my cat, and i found her behind my bed without moving. When i picked her up she would meow strangely and in a nother tone, like if it hurted. I finally picked her up and when i touched her nipples it hurted she moaned. (1 month kittens) She is super skinny and theres diarrea in the floor. Shes just laying down but not moving
i dont have vets open near were i live what do i do
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No emergency vets? She needs one IMMEDIATELY.
Are you at least going to take her first thing as soon as the vets open? If there are no emergency clinics that is?
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there is one one hour from here, i dont have a car, i called and i described her but he didnt now what to tell me what it was or what to do. He told me to take her and for a late evaluation 300$ which i dont have even the half.
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Hey i need helpp!!!
shes very sickk
I cant go to the vet
im afraid she might die

Shes very delicate right now
what i do
all i have is you guys
this is colin but shes very sick right now
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Is she drinking or eating?

Try to clean her up with a damp cloth if she has diarrhea on her.
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Even if its going to cost you more than you have, you need to get her to a vet if you can.

Ask the vet if they can do a payment plan for you.

Vets have a duty of care to look after sick animals, the same as doctors have for people who are sick and have no money.
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Many vets will help you work out a payment plan if you cannot pay up front.

If this cat is dying, there is nothing we can do over the internet to save it. It must go to the vet.
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i dont have a car
no shes not eating or drinking
theres nno ambulance
no one i know that can take me either
my parents are with my car in the hospital
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she has 4 1 month old kittens
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can you ask a friend or neighbor to drive you?
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Call a trusted friend, a neighbor, someone who has a car and is willing to drive you. A taxi or car for hire service ... anyone ... but you must take her in now.
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mmm TAXI yes that was going to be my other suggestion. You gotta do something for this poor kitty right away. Can you call your parents and tell them you need your car? Don't they have a car you can drive? Unless you are not of driving age then sorry. She has to go now.
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The kittens must be kept warm and safe.

I would suggest putting them in a box with a warm blanket along with the mother now if you can.

If you have a dropper or syringe, try to get a little water into her mouth, do not force it down her throat, but at least she may get a little water this way.

Keep the mother warm as well.

If you do not get this cat to the vet it may die.

Try to find ANYONE who can get you to a vet. Is is possible that they could drive out to you?
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Did you get to the vet? How is your cat now?
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If you already know that your kitty is veryyyy SICK - then you MUST find a way to get her medical help. Talk to the vet and ask about a payment plan.
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I hope your kitty is doing ok! If she is that sick, she is going to have trouble feeding the babies.

If her nipples are sore, she may have mastitis, and a very warm (not too hot) washcloth held against her belly may help. The kittens nursing will also help. If she is unable to feed the kittens, you need to feed them. Check back on the pregnant kitty forum, at the top for the recipe for kitten glop.

I am so sorry this is happening with your kitties! I understand that things are very different sometimes in other countries! I wish you had a vet to consult with. Best of luck to you!
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Ok im sorry for all the time without posting!!
I had a hard time the other day (or better said night) because i came from college late and found Colin sick and barely moving.
I got her to a vet, its a mastitis.
I seperated her from the kittens which are eating water softed cat food. And they gave her some shots and medicine. He said it was going to burst so i have to watch her and cure her with betadain every now and then while i keep up with the antibiotics.

thanks for all your help and care
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Whew! I'm sure glad you got her to the vet I don't know what mastitis is but it sounds nasty. I hope she gets 100% better ASAP
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Mastitis is a inflamation of the mamarian glands (tits) because of a pass of infection to the milk (from the kittens or her blood stream). This is why she needs to be away from the kittens because if the suck milk they will get infected, and sice they are still creating and invigorating their inmune sistem they can die easily. But they are a month old and are eating soaked sry food. When you treat the infection ("pus") burst out and starts to heal.
Here she is an 15 minutes ago. She still isnt eating (because of fever), but vet said that maybe this night or tomorrow. Right now shes just on pedyalite.
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Oh the poor dear....what a thing to go through. I hope she is feeling better soon and can be reunited with her babies.
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Oh, poor baby! I am so glad you were able to see a vet. Great job!

I had mild mastitis myself when breastfeeding a child, and was advised to keep nursing him...sorry for giving you bad advice!

She needs to eat or it will cause other health problems. I suggest tempting her will table scraps of food you know she likes, or baby food chicken. Remember, cats should not have onion or garlic. Also, kitten glop would be good to offer the Momma and the kittens. It would help you be sure they were getting plenty of calories!
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OMG that poor baby! That looks so uncomfortable for her-that big red swollen thing is going to burst?!? O poor kitty will it have to be stitched?

She does need to eat- maybe some smelly chicken or tuna will make her eat
You said she is on pedialyte (sp)- that's good so she doe'snt get too dehyrated, especially being on anti-biotics. Some food will probably make her feel a little better, if theres anything she'll eat. I'm so sorry for you and your kitty. I'm glad the kittens are a little older so they are'nt dependant so much on her so she can rest. You take it easy, and keep us updated. I'll be praying for you both
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I'm soo glad you got her to the vet finally, I was worried about her. I hope she recovers soon, and starts eating!! Oh, and I hope the kitties are okay too
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I hope shes feeling better soon and everything works out ok.

I really commend you for taking the cat to the vets.

How did you manage it in the end?
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I'm so relieved that you managed to get her to a vet and on antibiotics. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she recovers quickly, and that the kittens thrive on the regular food.
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Oh, that is such good news - that you got her to the vet. Prayers and healing vibes coming your way for your kitty.
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Prayers and {{{{{{Get Well Soon Vibes}}}}} to your kitty.
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Thats fantastic news that you got her to the vet!!

Poor thing! It looks so horrible, it must hurt so much.

I hope the kittens are going well, I'm sure they'll do ok without their Mom for a little while. I would let them hang out with her for a little bit, just make sure they don't try to suckle, so she can at least see them.
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Originally Posted by jane_vernon
I would let them hang out with her for a little bit, just make sure they don't try to suckle, so she can at least see them.
I would'nt let them too close to her, the first thing they will try to do after beeing away from her so long, is suckle -- Maybe you could bring em' in one by one, let em' visit a second. I don't think the momma wants to be bothered right now, she looks like she's in pain
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True - Poor thing.

But I wouldn't want to take her away from her babies as well - Maybe you put put them in a cat carrier and she could sniff around them!
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