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Kind Discipline for cats

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My cat keeps on puling out the pink stuff from a small hole in the wall that was made by squirles a long time ago. I can't board up the hole (don't ask) so I tape some cardbord to the wall but she just tears it up. So when I see her doing it I pull her away and yell at her. Then she aviods me for a couple hours then go's back to the hole. I keep on doing the same thing. But I wish there was some way I could stop her but still act nice to her. What should I do?
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A spritz of water, from a squirt gun or spray bottle is a good way to get your point across. I've used this, for years, with many cats. Usually, I just have to pick up the bottle and they stop what they're doing. Its painless. Spraying vinegar or ammonia around the area involved may work, too. They don't like the smell.
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You can use a shaker-noise maker like a can with pennies in it. Give it a shake when she starts. It should startle her and pretty soon she will associate digging in that hole with a horrible noise. That way you stay the good guy, too since she won't associate the noise with you.

You could also try using heavy duty tape to cover the hole (a few layers so she can't just rip through it) and top it off with double-sided tape. Cats generally don't like the feel of sticky on their paws so if/when she tries to get into the hole she will get another unpleasant surprise.

You can also try citrus smelling anything, like a spray around the area. Most cats hate the citrus smell.

Yelling at cats generally doesn't work as discipline. They don't understand what you are saying and they will then associate you with bad noises and just avoid you, not change their behavior.
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I use a squirt gun when my cats actup. It works really well. It is also convenient. I can sit at the couch and shoot them where ever they are without getting up.
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I'm going to move your question to the Behavior Forum. That's where the "experts" hang out.

In the meantime, put double-sided tape on the cardboard. Most cats hate sticky stuff, so your cat will probably avoid the spot once it is too sticky to be any fun!
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Good suggestions from everyone.

You can try putting some really strong citrus smells over where the whole is, some cats hate that and wont get near it, its how I keep my cats away from the x-mas tree.

But then again if your cat is anything like Tage, who DRINKS Orange Juice, you wont have much luck.
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