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Simba doesnt like ah choo

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hi all, i posted around weeks ago about my old kitten thats around 4 months old called simba and the new one thats 2 months old called ah choo.. they are both males..

ok the situation is that simba does not like ah choo at all even with the feliway it did not really help that much, i let them see each other regularly at least twice a day with ah choo in a cat carrier or vice versa, but everytime when i open a door, they just start to jump at each other and have a fight. I've tried to feed them together a few times, ah choo just eats away but simba was not even interested in his food, and he just walks around to ah choo and smells him instead!! it has only ever worked once that simba actually ate next to ah choo.

i thought that was annoying that they fight and stuff and it causes me lots of stress... now whenever simba knows that ah choo is outside of my room's door, he starts making weird peigon like noises... (is that how cats catch birds? do they pretend to be a peigon) i was wondering what do those noises mean

i've got to move apartments soon, do you think things will change after i move apartments?
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I just cant imagine kittens that young not getting along. Are you sure they are fighting and not playing? Young cats do wrestle. Moving could help then both will be in new territory.
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I find this a little unusual as well. I brought Alice home when she was 2 months old and I had had Patches for about 4 months and he was 5 months old. He was an orphaned kitten. I didn't know any better, I put the closed box that Alice was in on the couch for a few minutes so Patches could sniff it then I took her out of the box put her on the floor and they got along from then on. They did always play rough and they still do occasionally, chasing each other, wrestling and Patches did and still does occasionally chew on Alice. I think it's just like hyped up play biting though, he has never broken the skin. Patches has always chirped like a bird when he is excited and while playing. Over time Alice has picked it up too though she doesn't do it nearly as much as Patches.
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i have no idea... sometimes they scream, but now they just have a go at each other whenever they get to see each other..
i dont know if they are playing rough, coz i cant tell.. coz its pretty rough to me
it used to be only simba chasing ah choo but now its both ways...
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I started to introduce Rowan to Bella when they were two and threeish months, and it took a long time. Bella was a month older and so much bigger than him (he was living in the bushes, and she got all fat after I adopted her, because she didn't have any competition from her siblings over food anymore), and they fought all the time. Hissing, trying to scratch, and she used to hold him down and bite him until he cried.

I did the food thing, and I only separated the two when there was actual fighting going on. Sniffing, hissing, whatever, but if claws came out, I'd move one or the other away. I also made sure to give them both a treat several times a day. Rowan tended to ignore his, and I'm sure that it helped Bella to realize that he was actually an OK guy, since she gobbled his treats up.

My big breakthrough came when I was at my computer, and they were fighting over who got the 'kitty chair' next to mine. I pulled up a second chair, and put the heating pad on it. I stuck Rowan on that one, and plopped Bella back down on her chair, and if one of them moved, I stuck them right back. That night was the first night that they were fine with each other (Rowan jumped up on the ironing board, and Bella jumped up, and kept scootching closer until they were cuddling. I separated them for another couple nights, and during the day while I was at work, but they were pretty much fine.

I still have to break things up every now and then, but it's mainly just been dominance wars at new houses, and there was a bit of a spat once Rowan got larger than Bella. I assume that there'll be another little dispute after Rowan is neutered Tuesday, but that's life with cats.
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Sometimes you just have to let them duke it out cuz that is what cats do. However being as young as they are, they shouldn't be concerned with that stuff yet. I am going to guess they are just playing rough. If you leave one in the carrier and one out of it, and let them sniff each other through that carrier, do they growl and hiss and swat and everything? If not, they are probably just playing. Let them go but have a large towel handy to throw over them if you feel uncomfortable. As long as there is no blood being drawn and as long as it doesn't seem like one is being picked on constantly without playing back or defending itself, I would just let them do it. Kittens and cats can play very roughly sometimes and if you aren't used to it, it may seem like too much. It might just last a little while and then they will stop. They might just be really happy to have a play buddy.
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yeah, thing are getting better now, when i first got ah choo, its always simba jumping onto ah choo, but now ah choo just chases simba!!
simba just sits there and ah choo just constantly jumps on him.. then it gets voilent. coz i think simba is pretty annoyed with ah choo constantly jumping onto him
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