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One cat, or multiple cats?
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Depends on your lifestyle/money but for me - multiple cats

or ??
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Hot tea or iced tea?
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Hot Tea

Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum or Juicy fruit?
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juicy fruit

ocean or lake?
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Italian or Mexican food
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Umm Italian.

Short or long hair?
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Scrapbooking or just put photos in a photo album?
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Painting pictures or taking photographs?
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taking pictures.

Teaching a lecture or taking the notes from a lecture?
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teaching a lecture

cooked or raw
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Cooked. I hate sushi

In a picture......Are you the one that makes funny faces/does 'bunny ears' OR the one that poses & looks nice?
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I always try to look decent, bad photos come back to haunt you later!

Cook a meal, or be cooked for?
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Be cooked for

Biking or hiking?
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Caffiene or no caffiene??
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Cereal or fruit?
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fruit most the time

coke or pepsi?
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Not a huge fan of either, but I'd have to say Coke.

Capris or shorts?
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both please

toe nails polished or not?
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