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Licking My Head???

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We have 2 10 month old kittens. The one insists on laying on the back of my recliner and licking my head. I keep my hair Military short so I have no hair for him to choke on. My question in why does he do this and is there any danger to him from shampoo or anything else. Just trying to keep Yogi and Boo Boo healthy!!!
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You're being groomed. Many kitties do this, most people consider it a sign of affection and trust. I don't think that your kitten will get sick from any of your hair products.
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yup you most certainly are being groomed - my Tipsy does it to me occassionally as well

i wouldnt worry about the products you use
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My cat, Noelle, does that to me sometimes too. If I put my head near hers, she will almost always start licking my forehead and/or hairline. I had another cat, Nutmeg, who would always lick my hand or arm as he was falling asleep. I call them "kitty kisses".
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I have something similar with my two kittens (3 months), but they go as far as to gnaw at my face! I was wondering...is this a sign of affection as well? I see them perform the same actions on each other when they're cuddling, so...

still hurts, though
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