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Vibes for T&K!

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Today i went to the vet to get my bunnies teeth cut, and along that got the list of things that need to be done for Teufel and Kaylee.

Unfortunately because Kaylee has been in heat at Tricias house I am having a hard time understanding which is the normal her or which is "her" in heat.
So i have untill monday to figure out and book her spay appointment. (can anyone help me with this? not with the appointment i mean to know when she is in heat )
In the meanwhile Teufel has his yearly shots booked for monday and Kaylee will have her shots a few weeks after her spay.

Can any of you spare some vibes that teufel will get into his carrier?
After his last trip (from Tricias house) he runs to the other direction when he sees it and he refused to go inside it today!

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OH Fran, you have my sympathy. Getting kitties in carriers is not always easy. I found wrapping the kitty in a bath towel helps me to get them in. or if you just do it really quickly before they know what's happening!! Lots of good vibes coming your way Fran!
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Aw, Teufel - please be a good kitty for Meowmy now, will ya!

Lotsa vibes!!!!
I hope all goes well
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Sending many good vibes Fran {{{{ }}}}
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Sending my best vibes for Tueful and Kaylee *hugs*
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and scritches to Kaylee and Tuefal ...
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I hope all goes well
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rub Kaylee gently on the back near her tail...if she seems to REALLY enojoy it, & pokes her bottom up - she's probably in heat.
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Fran, you could try feeding Teufel in his carrier the next few days - that#s what I did with Straycat so that I could get him to the vets' office. I'm sending good vibes for them next week.
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Good luck with getting Teufel into the carrier, it can be a struggle. {{{{{Sending Vibes}}}}} for both kitties!
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