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update on pg cat from petsmart!!

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And drum roll please..... we have a grey kitten thus far!!! we were sleeping at 3 pm central time (we are on spring break!) and all of a sudden we heard her moaning really loud. we both sat straight up and i went to her and i told my df i think we are gonna have kittens tomorrow (meaning tonight or tomorrow) and yeah i went and looked at her again bc she moaned really loud again and there was a kitten!!!! she has done well with cleaning it and the cord is chewed off and stuff. the momma cat (shasha) has let me pet her but i only touched the kitten once so far. i will touch the kittens more later but i dont know if this is her first litter and i dont want to scare her so when she started delivering the 2nd one is when ill more apt to petting the kitten... if you think i should start interacting with them sooner let me know! also question.... the kitten is tryin to nurse and has been able to a little bit but sasha keeps licking the baby and almost preventing the kitten to nurse.... i know she is just getting all the stuff off of the kitten and herself, but im just a little paranoid!!!! the kitten looks pretty clean to me. hrm.... im such a nervous nana!!!! oh df just came in, sasha's stomach is "wavy" and she has stopped cleaning the kitten! better get back in to help my little girl if she needs me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayayayyay haha thanks!! kittie
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ok i need help im getting a little scared.... i just went in there to see if she was doing ok and when i went and sat by her she almost tried to hide her kitten from me. she put her arm along one side of it and put her head over the top of it but when i got up she stopped. also she started licking the kitten again when i came over.... sasha use to walk in between my legs constantly and we would just set for hours with my hand on her belly... she followed me EVERYWHERE around our apartment, she was my shadow literally (she is black).... im afraid she is going to get scared and sufficate the kittens......... does it sound like i should be worried about this????
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OK, take a deep breath ... unless Sasha is actually smothering the baby, let her do what comes naturally. Once she is finished delivering and tidying up all the babies, she will begin to nurse them. Let her eat the placentas as she is cleaning up, this will help the milk begin to flow. Once all the babies are here, gently remove the soiled nesting materials and replace them with soft, clean ones. Offer Sasha some canned kitten food and a little water if she wants it. Bring her litter in closer to the nest but not so close as to make her want to move the babies away from it. She will want to protect her little ones so let her behavior be your guide when attempting to handle the kittens.

You should begin handling them as much as Sasha will allow you to without becoming anxious right away. If you have a kitchen scale that weighs in grams/ounces, get a birth weight for each kitten and keep a daily log of their progress weight-wise. This will help you to know if everybody is getting enough nutrition from Sasha or if you will need to supplement with bottle feedings.
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well since we left the room and let her be alone for a little bit, she stopped hidding the kitten. i went into check on her and when i came over to sasha she looked up at me and meowed and just continued licking herself... she didnt try and cover the baby at all..... ty this is my first time being a nana and im nervous!!!!!!! ty
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*grin* It will be alright ... just remember that most often, cats give birth without any human assistance or intervention and everything works out just fine. Just remember to keep Momma strictly inside the house until you have her spayed as it is possible for her to become pregnant again quickly.
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yeah i heard it can happen a week or so after.... thought that was amazing. i brought her food and fresh water... she started eating and she started purring the instant she saw me then i got her the food and everything... she is only 1 yr old so im just worried bc she hasnt had the other kittens yet, but im not that worried bc i know it can take time for the rest to follow but if it doesnt happen in a little over an hour i am going ot call the vet again oh i need to bring her a litter box... where should i put it compared to where she is at???
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Oh, how exciting! Babies! I think you and Sasha are doing just fine. If she seems to want to hide the kittens from you, then just handle them as little as possible at first.

With one of my fosters, I had her take a kitten right out of my hand when it started crying...these Mommas have a way of letting us know who is in charge!

I worried a lot about Festus as a kitten. She was the tiniest one in the litter, and always under her Mom, or under the pile of kittens. I felt sorry for her. Now, almost 2 years later, she still loves to be under laundry, or blankets on the bed. DD said she never put socks on last night, and Festie slept all night on her bare feet, keeping her warm. LOL!
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well i have a male cat, a little over a year and a female cat that will be 4 in july... we have the room sasha is in shut but the male cat doesnt like shut doors and he keeps tryin to get in when im in with sasha... he is a mommas boy.... any ideas on how to keep him from trying to get in?? i dont want her to think any cats are tryin to get to her. oh wow its been 2 hrs since the first baby was born!!!!!!!!
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btw beckiboo..sasha looks like ur cat jasmine
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Just place the litter box in the same room, but far enough away so that she doesn't feel compelled to move the babies. Keep it really clean. Sometimes, after delivery, a Momma cat's poo is really smelly and if the litter box isn't cleaned thoroughly, she will feel the need to move the kittens further away from it in order to keep predators (not like there really are any predators in your home, but she doesn't know that) away from her babies.

I would keep your boy out of the room with Sasha and the babies. He may want in there, but it probably isn't best that he go in right now. Give Sasha a chance to finish up and get rested, the babies a chance to nurse quietly and let your boy stay out in the rest of the house. Give him plenty of extra lovins and play time.
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I was right there and stayed when my rexes had their kittens. Many times I helped in cleaning them off with a washcloth. Also let them nurse till mom went into labor again and then took them in my lap where she could see them and cuddle them in my hands to keep them quiet.

It was easier for mom to concentrate on the next kitten without having nursing kittens in the way. While cats can do ok when alone to clean, feed, etc. the litter, I'm sure they appreciate us helping out.

You can handle the kittens from day one to see if they are ok and healthy. Also you can sex the kittens when born. As long as you don't walk away with a kitten, mom will not be upset. If she acts too upset, just give her the kitten back.

Some mothers do need assistance. My first rex was an excellant mother except for the fact that she would never ever cut the cords on any kitten. She'd clean them up but give me that "gross" look to chew the cords. So every litter I had to be there to tie cords and cut them. I'd give the kit back and she'd be fine.
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hey she isnt even by her baby!!!! i dont know what she is doing. she doesnt seem to be in labor, having contraction at the momet. we have a heating pad, i read to keep one handy so you can keep them warm while she is deliverying (with blankets over it so it doesnt get too hot), but she isnt cuddling with the kitten anymore!!! is this normal?? im going to set up the bed for the kitten right now but ahh im not knowing what is going on!!!
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well i went and picked the kitten up to put it by her bc it was shaking and yeah the kitten started crying and i put it down by sasha and she seemed a little pissed at me lol i think that is a good thing!!!! ahhh please help
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i would like to thank everyone that has helped me!!! i just called the vet and will be bringing her in at 7-8 if she hasnt had another one yet! im sorry i was so hyper/paranoid/nervous.... all of your posts have helped me out very much!!! ty again and ill keep everyone updated!!!
proud nana
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If you have a baby gate, you can put it in the doorway, so after you open the door, you have to step over the gate. That may slow him down some.

Cats are so silly, always wanting to go where we want to keep them out of. Can someone else offer him treats in another area of the house, to be sure he stays away when you go in and out? If not, while she is in labor, and things are tense, you can just shut him in another room (with litter, food water, etc). Then give him lots of attention when you can.

The Mommas do leave their babies. I am lucky to have a cage, where Momma can sit on a ledge just over the babies and watch them. My last litter, I just put a space heater in the room, and kept it about 72 degrees!

Any more kittens?
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update on cat/kitten/kittens. well i brought her into the vet at 8pm central time bc she wasnt even having contractions. he said that she probably wasnt working on giving birth again bc it hurt so bad. he gave her a shot to enduce labor, but if she didnt give birth in an hour he was going to do a c-section but he would call first and he hasnt called. does anyone have any pics of kittens that were just born??? or any websites that have any? hrm ill post more updates!
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Where is the baby that was born? Did the baby go to the vet with Momma?
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yes she is at the vet too. im just scared the other baby/babies wont make it bc they were in her so long after the 1st born. do u have any sort of msger?
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I have Yahoo messenger.
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let us know an update when you can - sending lots of (((vibes))) your way from across the ocean
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Last I heard via IM from Kittie was that Momma and baby were both at the vet waiting to proceed with the induced labor.
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its about 3 am now... vet never called so i think she delivered the baby/babies from the shot. oh btw the kitten (she delivered here) is a boy kitten, i dont know if i ever posted that! tomorrow morning first thing i find out something i will definately post!!!! ty so much for your vibes/concerns/ and helpfulness throughout the whole thing!!!!
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great news! she had the other kitten last night at the vet w/ two shots of whatever it is to enduce her! they all seem to be doing fine but she keeps looking at me and meowing, i think she is still momma's baby girl and she wants me to comfort her or something. i can tell she is really tired/antsy so i may just sleep with her in here. she keeps coming over and wanting me to pet her/letting me pet her whenever i want, but the second she hears those babies she is back with them! she is being an wonderful mother! she doesnt have a problem with me picking up the kittens either. oh yeah btw they are both boys!!!!!! one black (like his momma) and one gray. im going to try and just watch her and not be overly paranoid!!! ty everyone so much for all of your help last night!!!!! kittie

P.S. should we put a heating pad (wrapped in towels)under the kittens so they dont get cold while sasha goes to get out of the box. also is it ok if i put the food dish in the box with her so she doesnt have to go so far away from the kittens to eat and she can nurse and eat at the same time?
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Congrats on the babies!

Personally, I wouldn't put the food in the kitty box. I think it will make a mess. And I'm concerned about heating pads, because kittens can get too warm or too cold. I think it is best to keep the room nice and warm, and have a cozy nest. If you do put a heating pad in, make sure they are able to easily crawl off it if they get too warm.
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yeah i had the kitten food in there while i was watching her and i could tell she was starving but i removed it and just put it right next to the box. i decided no on the heating pad bc im just too worried it will get too hot like you said.. sasha keeps meowing until i come and pet her and as soon as i start petting her she stops! its wierd any ideas on why she is doing that?? i think she needs me to take care of her too since she is still so young and like i think i said before.. she was my shadow when she was pregnant and always loved it when i had my hand on her belly feeling the babies.. guess she just wants some loving too and support and her momma since she went through a lot! heheh poor thing
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Congratulations on the babies . Any names yet? Keep us posted.
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well we want to name one stockholm but we arent sure yet, got to see who gets to keep them before we really decide to name them.
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ok so sasha is working on moving the kittens and she only moved one over to where the litter box is (next to it) and then she picked it up and moved it back to the box and didnt even think about moving the other kitten, why would she do that??? i think its weird
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well i am going to stop worrying about what she is doing any why bc i probably will never truely know what she is doing. she is taking good care of them so i have no doubt she can take care of them while i take a nap. ty so much for all your help!!!! i cant stress that enough. but i still have a question bout her meowing at me until i come and pet her.... any thoughts on that?
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I never put heating pads in the kitten box. They had two layers of towels inside a pillow case. The box was deep sided with one opening for mom to get in/out. And I covered the cage with a sheet on 3 sides to keep drafts out.

The kittens have no problem keeping warm when mom's away if the box is out of any drafts.
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