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I'm warm again!

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Last Thursday my central heating failed. The landlord couldn't fix it, neither could the engineer he brought round on Saturday. And after a spell of mild weather last week we have just had four days of the worst snow of the winter! I have spent every evening hunched over a tiny electric fire or gone to bed with all the kits to keep each other warm. And I have had to wash with a basin of boiled water - no bath or shower. But I got home tonight to find a fleet of 6 cars and vans outside the house, and an army of guys inside all busy installing a new boiler and some new pipes etc. And now I have just had a wonderful hot bath and am sitting at the computer without my fingers falling off. Bliss!!! It's still snowing outside, but I don't care.
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the weather is horrible isnt it!!
I am so glad you have heating again
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Oh, I know that feeling...it was great to get a hot bath again after our heater broke and it couldn't be fixed for 2 weeks!!
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How wonderful for you to have your heating back! Enjoy that hot water!
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Isn't it amazing how wonderful things are that we take for granted? We only realize how great they are when they are taken away. My bet is that that was the best bath you ever had!

I'm glad you and the kits made it through!
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How awful you had to go so long without heat. I'm glad you are nice and toasty again!
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Good Lord I wish that would happen here....lol

It was 39 degrees here at 6pm the other night (102F) and the air conditioners are working overtime.

BRING ON WINTER I say - it's autumn here and our temperatures are like the height of the hottest summer!
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Wow!! Stay warm and enjoy that new furnace!!!!
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I am so glad too that all is well now - it is -4C here tonight and more snow is forecast for tomorrow!
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That must be a relief! I see you're getting as much snow as those of us in southern Germany - coming from the northeastern U.S., I used to scoff at people here who complained about 6 inches of snow, but the situation here has become dangerous, with roofs collapsing, and really horrible traffic accidents. As soon as the snow thaws, there are going to be floods, too.
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Glad to hear you're warm again!
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