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Lucy & Cosmo

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I have 2 cats Lucy(6yrs) & Cosmo(1yr) who do not get along. Cosmo has 'play agression' towards Lucy. He jumps on her and bites her on the neck. After I had the 2nd abcesss lanced they have zero contact. The routine I have started w/them is Lucy roams the house during the day w/Cosmo in my bedroom. At night they switch rooms. I've tried the reintroduction procedures. They will eat on opposite sides of a door, but that is as far as it goes w/o hissing by Lucy.

A moment ago I was in the bedroom w/Cosmo. We were putting our hand & paws under the door b/c Lucy was on the other side of the door playing w/them. When Lucy realized that the paws belonged to Cosmo she got mad, hissed and walked away. Okay, I realize that I am niave to think my cats might play together, but it was worth a shot.
When I opened the door to leave the bedroom Cosmo darted out and tried to jump on Lucy, but I caught him in time.

Cosmo & Lucy are such complete opposites. For example yesterday I tried to clip their nails. Lucy was very angry and would not let me touch her paws. Cosmo purred, licked my hand, and the emery board.

I just wanted to vent my frustration. I love these cats sooo much and I wish they would get along. Maybe in a few years they will after Cosmo mellows out.
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How old are your cats? How long have they known each other?

I don't have any advice or anything. I introduced them when they were kittens and they have grown up together. Fortunately I don't have any problems with them.

Just thought more info might help someone else with similar experience.
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My cat Mazzy hated it when I brought a kitten in with her to keep her company while I was gone at work. Mazzy was about 2 years old then. She hated this kitten. Would always attack it and hiss. The little kitten didn't understand and just wanted to play with her. I found it easier to just let them work it out for themselves. I kept them separated a bit while Mazzy was getting used to her new surroundings, but then just let them fight all they wanted (as long as they didn't really hurt eachother). Eventually they worked beyond their differences and now even though she isn't completely affectionate to the other cat, they get along. They will clean eachother when no one is looking, but as soon as you look, she acts as if she hates the other cat. She doesn't want to show her affectionate side I guess. My advice would be to just let them work it out for themselves. If they have serious troubles with eachother, then maybe that's not the best way. But if they don't have any serious problems, then they might fight a bit, but eventually it'll all work out. Hope this helps.
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Cosmo is 1year and Lucy is 6 years old. I have had both of the cats since they were kittens. Lucy has always hated Cosmo. When he was a kitten I would leave them together b/c he was too small to do any damage. When Cosmo grew up he started biting her harder. She had 2 abcesses because of his bites. I've tried to let them work it out, but he hurts her. Now they are separated all the time.

I think Lucy is afraid of him too. Whenever she sees him she hisses and growls to let him know to keep his distance. Cosmo doesn't care he wants to play w/her so he jumps on her and bites. The same way Cosmo jumps on our dog Ethl to play.

I just get so frustrated when Cosmo tries to attack Lucy. If Lucy would fight back he might leave her alone. Cosmo needs to mellow out too.

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I had the same problem. I tried for MONTHS to work with them. Seperated them, re introduced them, gave them herbal remedys. Nothing was working. I was not willing to get rid of either cat, so I finally turned to the vet for a prescription. I have had them on valium for about 3 weeks and it's finally working. If all your efforts with drug free training don't work, it may be a consideration for you.
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