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Traveling Cats

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I read an interesting article in "The Forten Times" last night, discussing cats that traveled hundreds of miles to follow their families or to return to their original homes

I was wondering if anyone here has a personal traveling cat story? When I was growing up, our cat Loppy would follow us to the neighborhood pool and play ground, about a mile away, and wait for us until we were done. I know it doesn't compare to the travels in the article, but it always surprised me how a rather lazy housecat would walk so far with us just to watch us play.

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Sounds like you had a watch-cat when you were growing up! I don't have any experience with this since Trent and Ophelia are my first cats, but it wouldn't surprise me. Cats are such amazing animals.
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I don't have a story myself, but I'm sure somebody else does.
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I've never had a cat do this but I've heard quite a few stories from cat owners about their cat's travels. A couple that have stuck out in my mind are, this one woman had moved at least 10 miles from her old home and had taken her cat with her. The cat was an inside/outside cat and once she let her out at their new home the cat went missing for a few days. She then recieved a call from her old neighbor's informing her that her cat was hanging out at her old house.

She brought the cat back to her new home and kept the cat in her house for a week and tried again. Sure enough the cat went back to the old house. This has happened quite a few times. I'm not sure if she's still having these problems or not but it's amazing to think that the cat could find her way back to her old home.

Another story was a cat who was very persistant about wanting to return to where it used to live. The owners unfortunatly got so sick of picking up their cat across town they left him with us to be adopted out and instructed that he cannot go to a home in a certain part of town because he'll return to his old home.
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I heard about a Siamese named Sam that made his way back to Augusta, GA. I forget where he had been taken, but the paper said it was around 600 miles.
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