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She pooped!!!

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I am so happy, she pooped!!! We called the vet yesterday and explained that our funds at this time and really low and we can't afford surgery to remove whatever was blocking her intestines, if that was the case. She said that was fine and prescribed Prednisolone to help increase her hunger and to help the inflamation of her intestines so hopefully whatever is blocking will move on out. She also gave us a bigger syringe to help us with feeding her and we were able to get more food into her last night. We gave her the medication and a dose of the Laxatone. We have her locked in our bedroom so we can tell if she goes poop or not, we have 3 cats. We woke up this morning and oh my gosh, there was poop in her litter box!!! Yay!!! She seemed to be more happy this morning too. She jumped up onto our bed, was purring away and loving every minute. I gave her more food with the syringe this morning and hopefully sometime today, she will eat on her own so I won't have to continue force feeding her. We will keep her in our room for another full day and night to see if she eats and continues to poop. Hurray!!!

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What a relief! For everyone concerned!


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Thats great!!!
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thats wonderful news!! - please continue to keep a close eye on her though
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