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Lauren, I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. Autopsies are often inconclusive, and sometimes you just never know the "exact" cause of death. Waiting that long for the funeral is hard, though.
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Hi, I didn't want to bring this back up over the weekend because I was just in my own little world and wanted to put it out of my mind.
I had the funeral on friday and it was pretty awful but so glad it's over. Apparently he had bronchial pneumonia (sp?) so at least we now know the cause of death.
The thing is, my Grandma seems to have aged 10 years in a few months. She is skin and bone and was always a tall, full figured lady. She's now the same size as me (which is pretty short) and there is nothing of her.
She's been wandering the corridoors of their complex at night looking for my Grandad and every time someone tells her he's gone it's like she's hearing it for the first time.
On Friday she was in good spirits, but she was not a lady who had just lost her husband of 40 years. In some ways I think thats best, to be on another planet and not know whats going on but I'm just so worried about her.
I have told my Dad he has to be there for her and not leave it to his Brothers and Sister and he says he'll do his best....
I'm going to call her every week. She won't remember it because she asked me my name on Friday and then later she was telling me stories about when I was younger and how I used to play with her cats Sooty and Ginger
I suppose I'm just writing this because it's good to get my concerns out. Thanks for listening
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Lauren I'm really sorry about your grandfather

Losing a grandparent is really hard, because they have a special place that no one else can fill. My thoughts are with you
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Lauren, you and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Lauren, my thoughts are with you and your family
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I am sorry about your grandfather and I wish you and your family patience in dealing with your grandmother. I will keep her in my prayers as this will be an extremely difficult time for her!
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I hope your grandmother is okay through all of this. I know it is hard and I am glad you all got some sort of results from the autopsy.
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I'm so sorry to hear this news. Please know you are in my thoughts.
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