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Herbal Cat Litter?

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Does anyone have any experience with Herbal Cat Litter? WBL is not controlling odor well, but I love the idea that there is little tracking and no dust... I think this may be a great solution to my problem!

Here is a link to the product.

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I haven't tried that particular brand of litter, but I use another brand of scoopable litter made from corncobs (it's pine-scented) and I really like it (plus the cats do, too). I do remember seeing that Vetbasis litter at the pet store and thinking about trying it, but the next time I went back it was gone (they're always switching around what they carry - sometimes that's frustrating).

If you try it, just be sure to either mix it with your old litter in gradually increasing amounts, or put it in another litterbox to see if your cats will use it, while leaving your other litterboxes full of the old stuff just in case they take a while to adjust.

I'd love to hear what your results with it are!
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Thanks for the feedback!!

When I switched them to WBL, they adjusted quickly and beautiful. I gradually added in WBL and by the end of the week, the litter was completely WBL! So, that's is what I figured I would be with Vetbasis.

What is the name of the litter you use? I kind of like the idea of pine-scented; lavender can sometimes be overwhelming!
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The litter I use is called Fresh Results, by 8-in-1. I get it at the grocery store, but it's also available at Wal-Mart. It comes in a purple bag with a pretty white cat on it. It's biodegradable and flushable too, which is nice if you live in an apartment.

The same company makes two other litters with different names that I've been told are the same thing: One Earth (available at health-food stores) and Nature's Miracle (at pet supply stores such as Petsmart & Petco).

The pine scent is a bit strong at first, but it fades to a more subtle scent over a few days.
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Thanks! I'll let you know if I end up trying Vetbasis!
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