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Hi Everyone!

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Hi, my boyfriend and I just adopted the most adorable little kitten. When we got the kitty it was about 5 weeks old and we were told it was a female. So for about 5 days we were saying things like, "Oh look how cute she is", and "Isn't she so adorable". Kitty went for it's first visit to the vet on Tuesday and as I am saying things like, "She has been doing well eating and she is learning where her litter box is, and she has been scratching at her ears some", the vet looks at me and says, "Well just so you know, SHE is actually a HE"! While I was surprised because I asked for a female and had been referring to my adorable new ball of fur as "she" and "her", I suddenly discovered we had a little boy! Never the less, "HE" is the most loving, cuddly, sweetest thing in the world. His name is Sambuca. I have been taking pictures of him and will soon have them developed so I can post one sometime soon. I just wanted to say hi and introduce "Sambuca" to you all.
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Hi Jeff24Girl

Welcome from another newbie. Your story made me laugh-when I first took in Ivo, I thought she was a he. That's why she's still "stuck" with a boy's name!

I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures of your little guy!

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Welcome to you and Sambuca!

I take it from your name that you're a NASCAR fan? I hardly miss a race, unless I absolutely can't help it. Personally, I like Dale Earnhart Jr. (well, the whole DEI team), Tony Stewart, Bobby Labonte and Ricky Rudd. My husband is a real Petty Enterprises fan.

Hope to see you posting often! There are a lot of people with tons of experience who can help with just about any question you may have about your little guy.
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Hi! Nice to have you and your little gir---bo---guy! I'd love to have seen the look on your face! What a surprise when the breeder didn't even know. Welcome! Hey, Sam could stand for Samantha, right?
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I just HAD to jump in here and welcome another Jeff Gordon fan! I rarely miss a Winston Cup race myself. I also like Jimmy Johnson... but that's pretty self explanatory.

Anyway, welcome to TCS! I hope to 'see' you around!
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Hi!! and I am glad that you and Sambuca have joined us.
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Yes Valan and Jin I am MOST DEFINITELY a NASCAR fan and also a HUGE JEff Gordon fan! I too like Jimmie Johnson for obvious reasons, and I also like Jr and Kevin Harvick.

I don't miss a race unless I absolutely HAVE TO! And even then I tape and watch later!

Have you been to any races???

We are actually thinking of changing kitty-cats name to Daytona! Woohoo!

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Unfortunately, we haven't made it to any races - YET! There's a Busch race here in Colorado every year and we are hoping to get to that one of these years...

My husband's dad has connections in Petty Enterprises so we keep hoping that some day we will have enough money to get to a race and even get into the race. Ed says he can pull some strings and get us pit passes and such.

We tape all the races we miss, too. We have a Tivo-type thing on our satellite dish which is nice when we happen to miss something. Rewind live TV - I could be a spokesman for that thing!
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Val, I hope you do get to make it to the BGN race there in CO or a Winston cup event anywhere! I was really into watching the races on TV but I went to my first race in Charlotte in 1997 and that's when I really got hooked! Best part was, Jeff won that race! My first live race and JG wins! Woohoo! I've never been the same since...
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