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Ultrasound pictures!!!

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HI my kitty friends! I have been really bad about visiting this wonderful board for the past couple months and I miss you guys!! My first trimester of pregnancy has been pretty rough. Baby's doing great - praise God! - but I've been verrrry nauseaus and unbelievably tired. Now that I'm just over 11
weeks, I am starting to feel a bit better - the constant nausea has greatly subsided. PHEW. However, now I've got major acid reflux and occasional headaches. But I'll take either of those over feeling pukey ANY DAY!!!

Anyway....wanted to check in and say HI! And to share a couple pics with you. Last Monday, we went in for a 10-week ultrasound and OHHHH my gosh!!! It was THE most amazingly cool thing I've seen in my entire life!! The baby was wiggling those itty-bitty arms and legs like crazy and that little heart was beating strongly!

So without further ado - here are the first-ever pictures of our little wiggleworm!

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Oh Wendy, what lovely pics. Congratulations!!
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Originally Posted by Kumbulu
Oh Wendy, what lovely pics. Congratulations!!
Thank you very much!
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congratulations wendy!
Arent babies adorable!!?
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Oh my gosh! Ultrasound pics always get me going! I wondered where you had been since we hadn't had an update on the bump!
Great news that everything is going good though
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Oh how adorable, i love ultrasound pics. What a beautiful baby.
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Cute pics. I don't think anyone has ever shared ultrasound pictures before.
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Great ultrasound pictures, Wendy!

You both must be incredibly happy! Especially as the nausea has become more bearable!

Congratulations again!
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Hi Wendy! Congrats on the upcoming joyous event Glad to hear the queasniess has stopped.......i hate to be naseous.........
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awwwww.... that's cute!

do you know yet if it's a boy or a girl? or are you keeping it a surprise?
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Those are wonderful pics Wendy!, how can see his/her little arms and legs!!

I hope you continue to feel better and better!
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It is so exciting seeing your pics!! Have you heard the heart beat yet? Congrats again! I am glad you are feeling better as time goes along!!! Keep us posted with pics and plenty of baby news!!
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Those are great pics! Is this your 1st baby? If it is then a great resource for you is the K-I-S-S Pregnancy (Keep it simple series). Excellent book with great websites listed. Another book that I started reading late into my 2nd trimester to prepare for the birth and raising of Kevin was the Dr. Sears book The Baby Book. It is my reference for all things from birth to 2 years.

I am about 30 weeks pregnant now with my 2nd, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

Good luck.
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Oh how exciting Wendy!

I hope you continue to feel better!
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Aw, thanks so much, you guys! It's a total joy to share this awesome time with you!!

adymarie - Yes, this is our first (and probably only - I think we want just one). I will look into those books, thank you for the recommendations! And CONGRATULATIONS on number two for you!!! You're almost there - woohooo!!

We don't know the gender yet, but definitely do plan to find out as soon as we can. Partially because I'm an incredibly curious - and impatient - person! And partially because I am a planner, and wanna be able to plan the baby's room according to whether it's a boy or a girl. I have a VERY strong "gut feeling" (pun intended that it's a little boy. But we will be thrilled with whatever the good Lord gives us!
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What cute little arms and legs, how exciting! Congratulations!! I saw a tv show recently that featured this amazing sonogram technology that I think was 4-D. You could really make out great detail on the baby. You should check that out if it's available.
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Glad to hear the babies doing fine and your yucky tummy has settled down. Cool ultra sound pics!
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Seeing those reminds me of when my 2 were in my tummy!! What a sweet, joyful time! Enjoy this time.

I also want to add that, where I got my ultrasounds done, they video taped them for me! I now have those videos and my girls just LOVE watching themselves when they were "in mommys tummy". To them (and me) it is an amazing thing to be able to go back to these and see!
Maybe you should ask your doctor or the person doing the ultrasounds if they can video it for you too! Just a suggestion.

Can't wait for more pics soon!
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So exciting! My now 17 y/o son looked just like that in his ultrasound pics...the head, the little arms and legs. It is so amazing to see the movements, isn't it? Thanks for sharing with us! And I'm very glad you are feeling better...that pukiness is awful, isn't it?!?
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Congratulations! Those pictures are awesome, I still find the technology amazing that allows you to see inside your tummy like that.
Hope you keep feeling much better.
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Wow and congrates..
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