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In Desperate need of help!!!

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my kitty is 7 months now and as i type this i can't help but cry...i love her so much but i don't know what to do. i used to live on my own with my roommate and my cat, i had to end up moving back with my parents but i couldn't take my cat with me..i was heartbroken because she's the love of my life...everyone knew how much i love her and everyone loved her too so i decided to give her to my roommate. i trusted him and his mom promised they would take really good care of her....i didn't know that the day i gave her away to them would be the last day i would see her normal.....tonight i get a phone call from him telling me that i need to get her ASAP because she accidently scratched his little brother and his dad was threatening to kill her.....he locked her in a cage and said that she needed to stay there until someone else came to get her. i was enraged and begged my dad to take me to get her...i got her...she seemed normal....but i get home...and she's not the same...she used to be playful and happy and run up to people and purr and rub against their legs but i just saw a kitten that was afraid...and very angered by humans. she hissed and growled and she wouldn't play with anything. when she ate she would keep looking up...so i call my friend and tell him to be honest with me and tell me if his dad did anything to my cat...he confessed that he had hit her before and done things to scare her...my friend christina is adopting her..she LOVES cats and i trust her completely it's just that you can't get near my kitty without her hissing or trying to attack . she's also filthy and i need to clean her but i can't. she's laying down on my bed but when i lay by head a few inches away she hisses or scratches me =( i don't know what to do...on wednesday she has an appt to get some shots and to get spayed but i don't know if it's too soon to give her to my friend who is willing to work with her or what to do ??? i miss her =( i miss how she used to be =( now she's so afraid and it makes me so upset and sad i can't help but cry.
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Oh this poor little girl ... I feel your pain and share in your outrage. There are a few choice words I would have for the person who did this to her, but since that really doesn't help YOUR situation ... *sigh*

It is impossible to say what will happen, but with loving care and gentle treatment, it may be that this little one can learn to trust again. She is still very young and hopefully, adaptable. She will require someone who is willing to just let her be herself, on her own terms. They will not be able to force anything on her, petting, sleeping in the bed, playing, etc. They will need to essentially ignore her (of course, feed her and provide for her needs!) and let her come to them when she is ready.

You will need to have a very honest conversation with your friend to see if she is willing to do what it takes for this baby. It won't be easy, but if she can show this baby that humans are capable of displaying loving kindness again, my bet is that the kitten will learn to trust her.
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She will eventually change. I have a cat that used to me the same way and all I would do is just feed him and leave him alone, this way he knew that was there not to harm him. He changed, little by little I'd try to pet him and he'll let me. Now he gets on the bed and lays next to me to pet him. He just needs to gain trust. Just tell your friend about her problem and to give her some time to gain that trust.
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It will be okay. First off warn that kid if you EVER hear of his father hitting or scaring cats you will call the police, because it is agianst the law!
Secondly cats are not well with adjusting to many homes and moving often. She is young and has learned the world is not a safe place. But with love and a stable, nonchanging environment she will come around, she is just scared. She will have to learn all people don't suck as much as the father of your friend. That guy needs to be warned...give me his phone number...I will call him! Seriously. I will look up the laws in your state, and remind him of them.
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What the others have said.
Also no, it is not too soon to let your other friend take her.
The quicker there is stability for her, the quicker she can start learning to trust again.
You don't want her to get all comfy and settled with you, only to upset that again later by uprooting her.
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thank all of you for your replies they have calmed me down. the good thing is my friend lives near by so i will be able to visit often. she has also rescued cats before.i forgot to mention that my friend has 2 other cats. they are sweet cats and love other kitties but i'm not sure if my cat will be as welcoming. i feel sooooooooo bad for her. i'm sure she's extremely stressed out AND she has a vet appt!!! =(
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oh this made me teary.

Things will be okay, you're doing all you can and using all your resources.
Your kitty might be afraid now, but there is definitely hope for her! With a lot of patience and love she will be okay. The vet appointment will be hard, but it is necessary.

I hope both of you feel better <3
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Being around other cats that are friendly and trust humans might help her. She has learned to distrust humans not other cats. It's not something I normally agree with but she can be given a tranquilizer for the vet appointment or she can be given her exam and shots while she is asleep for the spay.
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