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Need some advice

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First let me say that I do plan on taking buster to the vet but till I can get there this weekend I was wondering if someone knows of something that I can give him for pain? He has been fighting with a cat down the road and has came out on the bad end of it. He hasn't ate for 2 days and I am just worried sick about him. I have heard that you can't give asprin and that is about all I have.

He won't even let me look at the areas he growls at me, and he does bite! He is keeping it clean but with him not eating I just have no idea as to what to do for him.

Anyone with any suggestions would be appriciated.
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If he hasn't eaten tonight, then tomorrow morning, you must get him to the vet. Cats who go without eating can develop a nasty condition known as hepatic lipidosis (please read this article: http://www.thecatsite.com/Cats/Cat_H...Lipidosis.html) and could become very ill without immediate veterinary intervention.

As for the wounds, if he isn't letting you take care of them, then again, you really can't wait until the weekend to have him in to see the vet. Bite wound infections advance quickly and can go systemic in a matter of hours, not days.

This is an emergency. Please do not wait until the weekend. If you cannot get him in to see his vet, please contact a trusted friend or family member and have them get him in - alternatively, you can drop him off on your way into work and pick him up when you get off.
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You have just been given some good advice. Cat bites are nasty and can cause problems in a short time. Find a way to take your cat to the dr. NOW.
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I agree he needs to see a vet tommorow. The bite has more then likely abccessed and hes running a fever and thats why he won't eat. It needs to be treated ASAP!
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