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My cat's eye seems swollen

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I have an indoor-only cat. She is squinting today and when I examine her eyes, one of her eyelids seems swollen near the tear duct. It is watering, too. Any ideas what this might be? She can't get into fights since she doesn't go outside, and I'm wondering if something jabbed her eyelid or what might've happened. Thank you.
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Sounds like conjunctivitis to me, but I am not a vet, nor do I play
one on TV.http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...lies/smile.gif

Conjunctivitis usually cures itself -- but it takes a long time, and your
cat will be in discomfort the while.

I'd call your vet, describe the symptoms, see if they want you to
bring the cat in.

Better safe than sorry.

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Thank you so much for the info. I have a call into my Vet and am waiting for them to call me back, now.
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Is her eye okay? Did you get into the vet?

I hope everything is okay!
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Thanks for asking, yes the Vet's office moved another less-pressing appointment to fit us in today. However, the Doctor is not my favorite. He seems to favor medicating without finding the causes.

He prescribed drops, Vetropolycin HC, after making sure there are no scratches on her eyes. He said both eyes are irritated, one worse. Is this stuff ok? He prescribed it for one week, at which time I will bring her back in.

I made an appointment for 6 days from now, because that will be the day our preferred Vet works. Should my cat be wearing an ecollar or something? I have one from her past episodes of health issues...but I didn't think to ask and he didn't say...
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