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Ear Mites in New Stray

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Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I've posted. Work keeps me ridiculously busy. In fact, work just made me especially busy with a new stray kitty!

She is absolutely adorable, probably about 4 months old, VERY thin, but very sweet. She's a russian blue, and I have no idea why someone wouldn't want to keep her. Normally the PD doesn't get calls on stray cats, but this one was trying to get into one of the convenience stores because it was so hungry. She was apparently becoming a problem, so they called us to come and get her. Of course, we don't have a policy, so when I said I would take her, my Chief was thrilled.

First stop was the vet clinic to have her tested for FELV. (Negative!) Then the vet checked her all out, and other than being really thin, she's healthy for the most part. She was wormed... got all her shots... and she has mites.

The vet prescribed Tresaderm drops for her ears - once a day. The problem is that I'm leaving town tomorrow morning and won't be back until the day after that. I still have my other feral russian blue, Chaos, here at the house too. I don't know anyone that will be able to administer the drops while I'm gone.

I'm worried that Chaos will get the mites, too, without the new kitty being treated for a day and a half. Will the lack of treatment for that period of time really be bad for the new kitty? I plan on cleaning her ears and putting the drops in right before I leave in the morning... and then again as SOON as I get home Wednesday afternoon.

Any suggestions very much appreciated!!!
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I just got a new cat about 2 weeks ago who came with ear mites too. The vet prescribed something called "Acarexx", which is only one dose. The package comes with two ampules of meds - one for each ear - and that's it. Maybe you could get that from your vet instead?
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I don't remember all the ins and outs of ears mites (since changing majors out of veterinary medicine, I totally don't have time to keep my animal skills/knowledge at their sharpest).... but I was thinking to keep them seperated if you can (who knows, you may already be doing this and know that it won't do much)... but I don't really think (personally) that one overnight away will cause the ear mites to take over your house, haha... just a thought, and I'm interested to hear some of the vet techs answers here and get myself back in the know.... darn horrible chemistry abilities makin me change my major
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When I brought Luna home from the shelter, she had a horrible case of earmites. Fortunately, Sophie never got them. My vet used a one-time treatment called Milbemite. Apparently, it kills the mites at every level of growth, and in only one application. Worked for Luna.
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Yes, they're separate, but only by one door. It's all I've got in this small apartment!!

I just got home, and did the treatement, so I hope that it's okay and not treating her on a more regular schedule is okay.

Chaos appears to be fine... I'll keep my fingers crossed that she stays that way!

The new kitty is just an absolute darling. I simply must think of a good name for her. But for now, 'new kitty' is very happy and healthy.
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Gizmo had ear mites when we found her, and Sasha had them when we found her. Vet gave them Revolution (I think it cost $6) and the mites were gone by the next day.

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We also use Revolution on a monthly basis to prevent earmites.
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Aside from when we first got them, our cats have never had earmites again. Unless they go outside on a regular basis and are around other cats, I'd think that monthly meds to prevent earmites is overkill. I try not to put chemicals on my animals if I can avoid it. I quit doing monthly Revolution on the dogs early on last year becuase it was getting REALLY expensive (over $50 a month!) and only saw fleas once. I treated then, and actually only saw fleas on one dog (I had three at the time) and none on the cats. I check everyone for fleas at least once a day, plus any time I see one scratching I check again. If any of my crew get fleas, I'll know it within a couple hours! Then we'll treat. Other than that, I leave it be.

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We live in a southern state, that can get very bad with fleas, ticks, and other things. We use a pesticide on our yard to help, but that doesn't help with all of the pests. I don't feel it is overkill to use a safe product monthly that can prevent so many other things. Aside from being a breeder, we also help with rescue. It is important for us to use some kind of preventive. One of cats and one of dogs had a bad reaction to Advantage, so we use Revolution for that reason, plus it helps with other things, not just fleas adults, but prevents flea eggs from hatching. It also helps with heartworm disease, and hook worm and roundworm. It should also help control tapeworm since fleas would be the reason for tapeworm. So far, I have never seen a tick around here, but our neighbors have commented on finding ticks on their dogs.
I have used it in many cats/kittens and 2 dogs without any side effects. If I run out of the smaller cat doses, I can call Revolution up, and they will explain to me what dosage to use of my larger doses that are used for my dogs. The ingredients are the same for dogs and cats in Revolution, but they are not the same in Advantage.
If one can keep fleas, and other pests off of their pets with no chemicals, I also think that is best, but if there is/has been a problem, IMO it is best to use some type of preventative, whether it be monthly or seasonally.
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