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Hello all

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Well where to start my name is Martine and I live in the Uk with my cat Holly and my partner Jon.I enjoy reading music juggling(although not very well)and eating pizza which Holly also enjoys.

Holly is a long haired ginger and white rescue cat who we adopted from a old lady who couldn't cope with him as he can be very naughty and gets a bit rough when he plays although apart from the odd scratch nothing too painful.He enjoys string catching mice and birds for us and getting into bed with us.Holly is my first cat after living with my mum who has a cat phobia,but she doesnt mind holly too much as long as he doesnt jump on her(which he does as often as possible he has a very twisted sense of humour).

I think thats all the important stuff about myself and holly but anybody who would like to hear more email me at pgingerholly@aol.com and ill see you soon
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Welcome to the site! Holly sounds like quite the handfull. They all have their moments, but some are more rambuctious than others.

We all love to hear kitty stories and see kitty pictures. We are all nuts about our cats and love everyone else's too!

Hope to see you posting often. The people here have a ton of knowledge and can help with just about any question you may have about Holly.
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Martine, Cats seem to know when it is necessary to win someone over. I wonder how long it will take for Mom to give in? Welcome to the Cat Site!
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It is nice that you have joined us. I hope that you will post often and tell us of the kitty-antics at your house!
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Thanks for a very warm welcome.Im glad that there are so many cat lovers out there who are as daft as I am about my cat.I guess you could blame my older sister for my wanting a cat as much as I did as when I was much younger she lived in a moble home (trailers to anyone outside the UK)and was owned by 16 cats including a wild cat named Suzy.At the moment she only has 2 cats as she recently lost one.(which even though he wasn't my cat I cried about )

I think on that sad note I'll sign off and go and annoy Holly with a bit of string
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