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Shedding problem!!!

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Hi I have an 8 month siamese kitten who is shedding like crazy she has been shedding for a while now and I don't know what to do. My couch has hair all over it! I bought on of these shedding tools yesterday and took a lot of hair off of her but I was just seeing what else I could do to help this problem!! Please help! Thanks!
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It's that time of year - the transition from winter to spring means a big shed of the winter coat. The best you can do is to groom her every day. I recently tried the Zoom Groom for my kitty and it is fabulous! It even gets a lot of fur off of my short-haired girl, as well as enough to make a kitten from my medium-haired boy.
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Aside from the normal shedding, it could also be the diet, or sometimes internal parasites can cause this.
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I have a longer hair cat with a very thick undercoat and I have also started the annual battle with shedding. I think even with indoor cats as soon as the days start getting longer the shedding begins. I have been using a paddle with short stiff teeth to get the dead undercoat hair off her at least once and sometimes twice a day. The more often I do it the less time it takes and the better she tolerates it.
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It is shedding season, and daily grooming with a zoom groom seems to help for my cat (the fur goes everywhere when I zoom groom her, but I just vacuum it, or roll the fur up into little balls and she'll start playing with them). Some people like to bathe their cats, but I think it causes them to shed even more afterwards. If she's really shedding like mad, then something could be stressing her out too. Hope she's not the groom happy type that's always licking her fur, hairballs are real nasty...
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I have some friends in Texas and hear this past week has been very hot there, in the 90's. I would be sheding my winter clothes if it were in the 90's here, LOL. Once that winter coat is thiner it will be better.
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Yes it got up to 92 degrees today. That is probably the reason for her shedding I got a shedding tool that takes hair off of her but it doesn't seem to stop coming out and I don't want her to be bald. I guess I will just keep grooming her and hopefully things will get better! Thanks!
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With the warmer weather here (in the 90s yesterday and today), my medium haired kitty has been shedding like crazy! I've just been using the groom zoom on her daily as well as a no-tangle comb. In addition to her looking good and getting de-haired, it's a wonderful time for us to spend together. She loves being brushed and it's a way I can spend one on one time with her!

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