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TCS Fundraiser 2006

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We thought that since we did not hold a fundraiser in 2005 due to the hurricanes coming so horribly when we were just getting ready to start, that we would get a BIG head start on the fundraiser for 2006.

The idea behind doing a TCS fundraiser is to donate a good amount of money to a cat welfare or rescue. The past two times we have done this, 100% of the proceeds/donations went directly to the organization that we decided to donate to.

Cooking with Cattitude went over very, very well. The first year it was offered, over $2000 was donated to the Cat Welfare Society of Israel. The second year didn't go as well, since it was the same cookbook offered, but it still raised several hundred dollars for Kats N Kittens out of Ohio that our own Missy&SpikesMom works with.

(If you weren't around, Cooking with Cattitude is still available. Kats N Kittens has recently gone through a very difficult time, with the founder of the organization passing away shortly after having her first child. The rescue will continue, and they need all the support they can get...)

We would like to do another cookbook. We'll get back to that in a little while. What we need to do first, though, is to decide where the donations for this years' fundraiser should go. With the devestation still around the area Katrina struck, particularly on the whole Mississippi coast, I think it would be wonderful if we could find a rescue there to support. Goodness knows - they need it more than most. Of course, we would also like the organization to be one that someone here has a personal connection with... So let's begin with brainstorming. The only requirements are that we would prefer the organization to be a 501 (3) (c) (non-profit) so that donations can be tax-deductible, and the organization must be able to accept PayPal.

Once we decide where the money will go, we will open a new forum (sub-forum of the Lounge) to brainstorm ideas for the cookbook itself, and collect recipes.
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Oh that sounds like a wonderful idea!!, count me in for sure!
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Sounds great!
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that sounds like a great idea. I would be willing to contribute some recipes, and also purchase a cookbook.
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What a wonderful idea!
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works for me..Ill await further news from you
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I'm in I'll keep a look out for the new link
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Since I am a online volunteer helping the Best Friends organization in that region I have a BUNCH of contact places. Let me sort through them and post in a day or two!!
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Great Gail! Thank you!

And I'm so happy to see so much support for this already!
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Oooohh! I cant wait. A woman and her mother in Fredericksburg, VA are opening a non profit, no kill animal shelter here. They are doing everything with their own sweat and blood and could certainly use the help. If you're interested, I can certainly get the information for you.

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I'm in!!
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Originally Posted by Vicious Vaness
that sounds like a great idea. I would be willing to contribute some recipes, and also purchase a cookbook.
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Great idea! Have you considered the Louisiana SPCA, they are in need of donations & also accept paypal... LA/SPCA.
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What we will do is take all of the suggestions and put the names in a hat to choose one. Or take a vote. Not sure which. So please, if you know of a rescue org in the Gulf Coast region that meets the requirements (501 (3) (c) & accepts PayPal) list them here and we'll choose one.
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Sounds good! We should also look at Mississippi shelters as well as Louisiana- they get hit hard too but didn't get as much press and as many donations.
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Don't know if these meet the requirements, but here are a few of the animal shelters in the Mississippi Gulf Coast region ...

Waveland Animal Shelter
322 Gulfside St, Waveland, MS
(228) 467-0230

Hancock County Humane Society
408 Citizen St, Bay St Louis, MS
(228) 467-7686

Friends of the Animal Shelter
Bay Saint Louis, MS
(228) 467-0230

Hancock County: Humane Society
Bay Saint Louis, MS
(228) 467-7686

Hancock County Humane Society Inc Spy NTR Assstnce
PO Box 2273, Bay Saint Louis, MS
(228) 467-7686
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Not in a position to make any suggestions as to who should be the beneficiary, but I'll be in here like a dirty shirt contributing to the effort in whatever way I can. I'm all for a Mississippi coast recipient.
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This will be such fun and as well as beneficial!
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I'd be delighted to help (contribute recipes, edit, etc.)
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I'd love to help out, and contribute a couple of recipes, too, if they're needed.

What a fantastic idea. I am proud to be a part of this community.
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This is a great idea. Count on me too!
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I am in! I have a few good recipes to add and I will be buying one!
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I've got some recipes, and I know layout software, if you need any help there!
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YEAH!!!! I'm def in
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Originally Posted by KitEKats4Eva!
I am proud to be a part of this community.

I will do whatever I can to help
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I'll toss in some recipes and hopefully purchase a book!

No help here with the rescue organization.
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Good ideas. I'll do whatever I can.
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I'm not sure what I can do to help (other than contribute some recipes), but count me in!!
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Wonderfull idea. I'll do all I can to help.Count me in..
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Another supporter, here.

Just awaiting details!

yay team!

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