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6 pm. What are you doing?

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Someone just told me they read that at 6PM at any given place in the US, there is more traffic than any other time of day. I don't agree. What are you normally doing that time of day? I'm usually home from work, eating dinner.
I'd think the busiest would be at 5 pm????????
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That seems a bit odd to me too...I'm usually done dinner by that point, I eat around 4 or 5. If I can I like to be at home by 6 relaxing
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I'm usually still at work...I don't get done until 7 and the people I babysit for don't get off of their jobs until 6. Or I should say, they don't LEAVE their jobs until 6.
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I'm usually at the gym, although Id like to start going later because it seems that everyone in the UK is not in their cars but also in the gym.
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i thought it was 4:30 or 5 pm!
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If I lived more than 2 miles from work, I would probably be in my car. I get off of work at 5:30 and am usually home checking emails and stuff on the home computer at 6:00.
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at home, usually making or eating dinner.
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I commute a pretty far distance, and yes, the traffic at 6 pm is 10x as bad as at 5 pm.
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I agree, 6 around here is worse than 5!

Usually by 6 I like to be @ the Y, or just getting done swimming laps!
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I SHOULD be writing a paper.. but I'm playing Literati instead!
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I get off work at 5:30 and have a 5-minute commute home. At 6 p.m., I'm sitting in traffic, cussing the idiots who don't know how to drive.
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Making dinner! or on the computer.
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Depends on the day. Today I worked until 6:45. Tomorrow will be 5:30, given no emergencies come 6 on a normal day, yep, making dinner too!
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Okay, it's finally 6:18 and I am at home. We got here early cause traffic was a breeze tonight. I have already done dishes and started our roast. I am now taking a quick break to see whats happening here.
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Three days of the week I'm in class at 6 PM, the other two days I'm generally still at the office- but I don't go in until about 11, usually. I set my own hours, just have to get 15 hrs a week. Its a pretty good deal!
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At 6 I'm typically half passed out on the couch. Maybe eating or cooking dinner.
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Normally at 6 pm I have finished dinner and am watching the news.
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Cooking dinner. But last night I had to pick Lee up from work and he gets off at 6 and traffic was far worse on the same roads at six than 4:30 or 5.
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Last night, at 6pm, I was doing my Pilates video. Tonight I hope to be doing the same.

Normally, at 6pm, I'm either at home or at my second job. I get out of work (my first job) at 4:45pm, and traffic isn't too horrible.
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