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Kitten v. Old cat - introductions not going well

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Hi! I'm new, i've been reading the forum for awhile now lurking. it has a lot of good info. HOwever, my biggest problem right now is my new kitten, ginger.
Oreo is a 1 year old black cat we got when she was 4 weeks old. She had a sister who recently passed away, but she is great on her own. We decided she probably is lonely since cookie passed away and decided we should get her a friend. But currently she will only hiss at ginger. My fiance just wants to throw them together and let them go at it[edit] learn to get along without us, but after reading all the message boards I know that this just isn't right. We got Ginger yesterday and let her roam around while oreo watched. Oreo hissed and growled, so we put ginger back in the bathroom. I brought her back out in a cat carrier and let Oreo sniff her again. She's curious, but hisses at the cat carrier. However, she likes to play in Ginger's litter box and in the cat carrier when Ginger is not in it.
Oreo will hiss at ginger and run away then come back check her out and hiss and run away. then come back and growl and stare. I feel like she's going to pounce, but she doesn't.
Currently while i'm at school Ginger is in the bathroom to be separated.
However, I am getting a little uneasy because ginger is part siamese and has a really loud yell. Ginger is quite upset to say the least and will not stop crying which makes my neighbors upset.
Is there anyway to help this situation? I know its been asked a lot, but i'm a little scared about how long it'll take for them to get along. Am I doing this right? Is there anyway to get Ginger to stop crying?

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good god why would your fiance want to do that? does he experience some sort of sick sadistic pleasure by forcing to animals to fight? I am sorry but i find this very disturbing.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!

I only have one cat, but we have many members that have experience in cat introductions that will be able to help you.

Have you checked out this thread yet?

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Thank you!
I will be going home in a half an hour hopefully the vanilla thing works
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Oh, and no. He's not sadistic. He actually just thinks thats the way cats learn to get along. His parents did that with his cats so he thinks that that should be done with ours
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There are a lot of things that people used to do with their pets that aren't done anymore. Over the years we have all learned better ways to take care of them. It's great we have a place like this to discuss different ideas that have worked for us.
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I agree. which is why I am here. thank you for your help. I just gave Oreo some tuna so that she could feel like she's being treated like a queen. bribing if you will... now that things are getting back to normal she stopped hissing at me, but that does not mean that she has not stopped hissing at Ginger.
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Shawn is getting the hang of this. We are watching our babies as they check each other out.
Oreo still hisses like crazy and the little one has this really high pitched screech.

I put the little one in a towel which she likes because she it smells like shawn. She slept on the towel for about a day and then i took it out and picked up oreo with it. Oreo started brrring again, but soon stopped. I placed treats and tuna on the blanket but oreo just looked at them and turned around.
she came back, however, and let me pick her up in the towel and rub it on her. I gave it back to the kitten who was even more ecstatic because for some reason she thinks oreo is the greatest cat ever.

We then put Ginger in the cat carrier and Oreo came and hissed at her then put her paw out and smacked at the carrier.
after that was done she laid on her back while watching the kitten and with a wary eye on the kitten started rubbing her back on the carpet.

Oreo watched Ginger for about a half an hour doing with little chirps of brrrrrrrrrr.
but did not really seem very interested in ginger after a while and got up to go eat and check out her litter box.

Oreo then got back on the bed and took her place on my pillow and became really affectionate. we played for an hour and for some reason she likes to turn around and put her butt in my face so that i can itch her on the tail . i think its cute, but shawn hates it when she does that. after a little while encouraged that maybe she would be okay with the kitten i took the kitten out of the bathroom and placed her on my lap. Oreo hissed then jumped on the bed and went to sleep.

are these signs that they are getting along? or am i just hopeful?
is it a good idea on the third day to have the kitten in the cat carrier while oreo wanders around?

Oh, yes, I bought feniway yesterday. How long does it take before the kitties start calming down a little?
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Hi Bellanekochan,

I agree that it’s a good idea to make Oreo feel a little special, so that her nose is not to far out of joint with the newcomer

Keep making the introduction slowly and likely it’ll come right.

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Oreo is batting Cocoa ( shawn renamd her) with her paw she has her claws out. i'm a little worried is this normal?
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