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Need some insight

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As some of you might know I adopted a feral cat last week. We had a massive traumatic time getting her home, but she is settling in nicely, to the point where she has now met my cats without incident.

I noticed the day after she was home that she seemed to have a strange limp on her hind leg, coming from the hip. I don't remember seeing this before, but then again when 12 cats are running between your legs for food.....

The limp then seemed to improve and I put it down to maybe a muscle strain she had that day. Tonight, the limp is back and badly. If this was any other cat I'd rush her to the vet tomorrow, but I'm terrified of putting her through that trauma. She has barely been home a week and the vet had to sedate her with a dart through the cage she went so bezerk last week. I feel so helpless, I can diagnose pretty much anything in horses but know zip about cats. What could this be, is it possible to have arthritis in such a young cat ?(6 months)Even if I take her to the vet, there is NO way she will let him near her, which will mean another traumatic sedation. I just can't put her through that again so soon. If this is something serious like a displaced hip, wouldn't she show obvious signs of pain?? HELP!!!!

Sandra AKA Munchie
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I would isolate her first-off for a few days. Put her in a room by herself, give her plenty of food and water and a litter pan and just watch her for a few days. It could be she got bit and it will go to abscess soon, or she could of been stung by something, but confine her in a small enough area that she doesn't have much room to hurt herself further. If she freaks out, put on classical music for her really low, turn off the bright lights in the room and replace them with softer ones (i use night lights) and give her a big cardboard box flipped over and weighted down with a hole big enough she can go into it and feel safe. If she lets you pet her, run your hand above her body without touching her and look for any place of extreme heat- that would be the bite....also, if you use clumping cat litter, she may have clumps caught between her pads that are aggravating her. Good luck.
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I totally understand...I have two cats, one a former feral, one a former abused abandoned cat, that I hate to take to the vet. a lot of places have mobile vets that will come to your house, you could look for one of those if the problem persists.
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Thanks Hissy

The limp literally goes away within 5 minutes, she is fine again. It could be the clumping litter??? We are watching her

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