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Our black cat has a bit of an attitude with the other cats, maybe because we brought her in as a pregnant stray. But I do think black cats are very sweet. She's really sweet to us. She's the only cat in the house that will on purpose bump you when you feed her to thank you before she eats.
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I've owned three calicos, fostered a dilute calico, and my neighbor owns a dilute calico that liked to come into our yard. All had "interesting" dispositions except the one that we fostered. However, she was only a few months old, so she may have grown into her calico heritage. She was also the only longhair in the bunch. The rest had your typical calico temperment.

My experience was that calicos tend to be independent and dominant. They don't take anything from cats, dogs, or humans. They also like to wander and patrol their territory. The have a kind of a "I'm bad and I'm beautiful" attitude. They do seem to get calmer in old age. Like, past 10 years and they are willing to let you pick them up. If you are "their" owner though, you can usually come to an understanding while they're young.

If you want a pushover cat, get an orange tabby. They seem to be complete love cats. I've actually not met a mean orange tabby.
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ok the strange thing i noticed is that the cats that are dominant cats like calicos also seem to make the best pets! like they will get up in ur face for attention be more bold around strangers etc... well the 3 calicos i know very well all seemed to be in your face attention wanting cats
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I know this is off the subject, but I have always had good experiences with either black/white cats, and tuxie cats in any color. Our neighbors have a tabby cat with a tux pattern, and he is great! I also like orange cats!
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Not that kind of dominant with calicos. None of mine would every jump up for attention (well, Patches just started too, but she's also 16). This is the "get out of my way before I whack you" dominance. Patches and my neighbor's cat (the dilute calico) basically rule the neighborhood. Every cat moves out of the way, and the dogs do to. Heck, I'll pet Patches cause she actually likes me, but the other one will try to scratch my eyes out. Patches would do the same to her owner though. They're kind of one person cats.
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My calicos and tortie are prime examples of "cattitude!!"
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:O now it makes sense - we have a calico tortie and she is as feisty as they come - her brothers used to try to mate with her shortly before they were neutered, but stopped of their own accord because they were so frightened of her, a snippet of a thing that she is!

more power to the torties!!
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Sibohan is a Tri-colored Tortie and is absolutely gobsmackingly nutty. She runs around constantly Jumps all over Duke who is more than twice her size she likes to yell at the apartment door if she hears people outside and will run and hide at the mearest sign of somone strange in her house. Most of the time she is the one that starts the kitty fights and ends up pulling at least one ball of fur out of Duke befor he clubs her with his big front paws. If it wern't for the laws of physics I swear she would be bounceing off the walls at a high speed.
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