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calico cats more fiesty

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Some people say there is truth to this but some say there isnt. But from what i have noticed usually cats that are calico in color seem to be a bit more fiesty/dominant cats then cats of other colors. I have met COUNTLESS calico cats and very rare will i find a push over. DO you all agree? If so i wonder why this color causes this? Mind u they still make good pets but they seem to have more of a "attitude" dominance thing
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I have heard that this is the case with tortoiseshell cats.

I believe it is called 'tortitude'
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I have a calico. Yes, they tend to be dominant. But you must understand that feline dominance is won by getting the respect of the "subordinates". It is not only through catfights, but also by its potential to breed, ability to hunt, "cat wisdom", and "health".
Calicos blend well with the background during a hunt day or night and they are generally females. So in the cat world, they are considered good hunters and breeders.
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That makes sense to me. Our tortie is dominant over our calico who is youngest, but dominant over the black cat.

In addition, IMO, paint (pinto) horses tend to be a bit whacky...
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I've got a torbie and she is very vocal, but not pushy per se. She has never seemed afraid of other cats but is very skittish around humans.
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hmm that is interesting, never thought about it until now. We have a calico who is a total, for lack of better word, b*tch sorry
A calico is a total mush of a baby.
and a Torti who is the sweetest most affectionate cat, always chirping for attention and to play.

So a little variety. I never related it to color, just to their individual personalities. Isn't calico just the color? I don't understand how that can affect attitude, but that is interesting.
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All the calicos and tortoiseshells I've had were more "fiesty" with attitude then any other color.

Who knows why - maybe its cause of all the colors mixed up...lol

However, the bluecreams were more mellow then their tortie sisters
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I have one calico at the moment. When we first adopted her, she was a pushover to our other adopted gray male. But since his passing to the RB she has pretty much taken over and is the dominate cat in most areas - even over the big black male cat (though LJ is testing her). She is the sweetest girl though and is a great 'mouser'.
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Torties and calicos are the redheads of catdom
My tortie rules the roost all other, lesser felines bow down to her.
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Try moving my Rosie when she sits in front and blocks my view on the pc then you'll see tortitude!!
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Lucy growls and purrs when I hold her and try to shift her so I'm more comfortable. She is pushy and contrary and grouchy. Yet when she wants loving, she is most affectionate.

I heard it is the combination of the orange gene and the black gene combination in calicos and torties make them so feisty.
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hmmm....based on your descriptions of calico/tortie attitudes...i think Lucky must be a closet calico. Several of you guys described her to a T!!! lol
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And don't forget there ARE tortie/calicos underneath an all white coat sometimes. My little odd-eye rex was a tortie under her all white coat - mother was a tortie point carrier and father was a red tabby. She produced black and red as well as all white.

So if your white has a "tortie" attitude, more then likely she's got tortie under that white coat
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Lucy acts like she's the toughest cat in the house, and thinks she can do whatever she wants. She'll even keep me awake at night just so she can get comfortable on the bed, and will sit and meow at me if I ignore her. She usually won't let me pick her up, but then she'll come right over and make herself comfy on my lap.. even if I'm in the middle of something.. good thing Sassy isn't that bad..
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Yes, I have heard this and think it is true. Tortoiseshells too. My Felicia is a
torbie (tabby/tortoiseshell) and she is like this.
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I have one calico and she is the lowest ranking cat in my house. She hides under the bed most of the time and only comes out for affection from me if I am home alone or at night.
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Originally Posted by kitytize
I have one calico and she is the lowest ranking cat in my house. She hides under the bed most of the time and only comes out for affection from me if I am home alone or at night.
altho Java doesn't hide, & is constantly trying to assert herself, Pixel is currently top cat [i think] with Cable a close 2nd. they already had their positions when Java arrived, so she didn't really have an option! she's also my love bug kitty - loves affection, will lift her nose for kisses [neither of the other 2 will do this!]. but not a lap cat like Pixel is.
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My calico was the sweetest little mushbucket. My current tortoiselle tabby definitely has a mind of her own!
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I sometimes wonder to what extent the "attitude" has to do with the coloring and to what degree it has to do with the sex, since almost all tri-colors are female (except for the rare XXY boy). Often the things that I hear people blame on tri-colors are the same things that I hear others blame on female cats in general.

Pandora is a funny cat. A beautiful tortoiseshell, and she adores people--flopping and chirping and doing whatever she can for attention. She has serious issues with other cats, though. I lived in a rooming house with many other kitties/owners, and before she was fixed and still weighed only 5 pounds, she attacked a big white fluffy cat almost three times her weight when she caught him "paintballing" our door. They fought down two flights of stairs until one of them lost their bodily functions. She's spend a lot of time grumiply guarding our room (her territory) from other cats. She only tollerated 2 of the 3 house-roaming males and barely tolerated the female "teen" kitty that got introduced later. Mercia would try to ambush Pandora, who would just sit there and reach out and bonk her on the head. Mercia, not being the swiftest kitty on the block, would shake her head once, sit back, then try the exact same thing again several times in a row, each time with the same response. It was kind of amusing. After we moved and my husband and I got a place where we could keep her permanently, I found Pandora was a lot better behaved when she had a whole apartment to herself. As much as I loved having my kitty share my room with me when I was at school, she was happier at home with him. Now, though, she sometimes seems a little depressed, so we're cautiously approaching the idea of getting her a pal. It'll have to be a cat that'll drop down immediately and kiss her toes, though, or it'll never work.

Pandora also has real tortitude moments with people, though. Her most famous one is if I'm on the phone with one of my family members and not talking directly to her, she'll jump up on the table. She knows she's not supposed to be there, and any other time she ignores it, but she makes sure I'm watching and then jumps right up and looks straight at me. So naughty!


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My tortie is very affectionate when she's tierd and I can always tell by her squinty eyes. It's hard to tell who's the dominate cat in the house but Mama was the first cat in the house and she was unspayed until she was over a year old so Baby Girl might have become dominate if Mama wouldn't have been there. One thing I was told when I first adopted her was that torties are very vocal cats. As soon as I brought her home she found a spot on my shoulder and meowed in my ear for a good 15 minutes lol. She's still my most vocal cat now that she's grown up too
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Cindy is a calico, and she is very flighty. She does assert herself with Swanie when she needs too (like if he's trying to get overly friendly and she's not interested), but most of the time he's the top cat. She's one to hide under the bed from us too. Fortunately, I've figured out how to get her out. I get da bird out and play with Swanie. She will show up to watch.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Try moving my Rosie when she sits in front and blocks my view on the pc then you'll see tortitude!!

Wowzer is packed with attitude. If I would have been the one to name her... Sassy would have been the nicest I could have come up with. She has her sweet moments... but 'she' decides when.
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Oh, yeah. Pandora's original owner named her Punk Ass, which I gathered she earned. She ate one of my student papers once when I got up to make a new cup of tea. Not so much ate it as held it down with her paws and tore it up with her teeth. Try going back to a student and explaining that one to her.


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Our first cat, Sassy, was a dilute tortie. She lived up to her name... tortitude to the max!

PJ is a tortie and she is a very lovey girl... but she does like things done her way. She and Teddy struggle over dominance at times, but if he bugs her, all she has to do is hiss a little or growl and he's gone. So I think she's the boss.
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Sex may have a little to do with it, but calicos/torties seem to be worse

Most of my males are more loving and outgoing the the females. But I've had several non tortie females the were loving cats. I did have ONE tortie that did not have attitude - she was mainly a black tortie with little red on her - perhaps that is why she was nicer.
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hello just curious how many calicos have you owned? From what i see they are great cats for people and pets its just when it comes to other animals they seem to rule the roost weather its dog or cat lol Rarly have i seen one that was a push over.
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Wow, I've never heard of calicos being dominant or nasty/bitchy. I have a 5 year old and she's about as benign as a cat can get. But, then again, we've always said that if she were a person she'd definitely be riding the short bus.
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I really think that most people think the attitude is from the torties. (therefore: tortitude). Of course it's all very subjective and in fun. I could give you certain conclusions about black cats, Siamese, and all-white cats, but it would just be my experiences from each!
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oh siamese are DEF have lots of attitude when it comes to cats! But they are an actual breed so its totally understandable. ITs wierd that siamese seem to be such "people" cats and so clingy and needy but when it coems to other cats or dogs they are good running the house lol
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one thing i have noticed that is strange is most of the cats that are solid black seem to be push overs lol thats been my personal experience but all the black cats ive met except maybe the odd one or 2 seem to be the most subordinate cat of the house. Anyone else experience this ?
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